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5 - Lodge Application


​To lodge your development application, you should lodge your final DA Plans, Reports and the completed DA Application Form and checklist at Council’s Customer Service Centre. By lodging at Council’s Customer Service Centre, Council's staff can determine that the application is complete, determine the fees payable and provide you with a receipt for the fees.

Applications may also be lodged by post, addressed to the General Manager at one of the following addresses:

PO Box 20
Lane Cove 1595


If the application is not complete, Council will not accept it.

To cover the costs of assessing development applications, Council charges a fee to lodge a DA. Generally the fees are based on the cost of works. The cost of works includes labour and material costs.

The application fee should be paid when you lodge the application. You can obtain a copy of Lane Cove Council’s Schedule of Fees and Charges from Council’s web site or from the Customer Service Centre. Advertising and/or notification fees are likely to be necessary for some types of development.

Fees will be determined by Council and may be paid in cash, by cheque or with a credit card (MasterCard and VISA only). You may also pay by credit card by mail or fax by using our Credit Card Payment Authorisation form. If you wish to know the fee prior to lodgement, contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 9911 3555.