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Engaging Your Not-So-Green Friends

Council has a great line up of events for you from June to December – so get involved.

Sustainability is all about what each of us can do to help make a difference and as our sustainability champions, if you attend any of our events, you'll know that you take away some additional knowledge and awareness of our local environment. In addition if you brought someone along with you to one of our workshops, who is perhaps not as 'green' as you, you know who I'm talking about,  that friend or family member who is always saying they want to do be more environmentally aware, but don't really know what they can do. Someone on the tipping point of change but may need a little push or inspiration.

Make sure you let me know how you go with your challenge - a free keep cup for everyone that writes in to and tells me about what they're doing to encourage family and friends to come along to one of our local sustainability events.

OzHarvest in Lane Cove

Are you a local business with food waste at the end of the day? You could be supporting OzHarvest and reducing the amount of edible food going to landfill.

OzHarvest is an Australia-wide charity rescuing quality excess food from businesses which would otherwise be thrown away. This surplus food is redistributed at no cost, to different charitable organisations providing much needed assistance to those in need.

Council will actively promote your local business if you donate your surplus food to OzHarvest. This will include window stickers so local shoppers can visually identify those donating.

To find out more about this worthy social enterprise that helps those in need and how you can become involved call 9911 3507 or email

Lane Cove's Bagshare Program

The Bagshare scheme can be used through Coles at Lane Cove. Bagshare bins are located outside and below Coles, next to the reception desk at Council, at Agora Fruit Market Lane Cove West and at Greenwich Village Shopping Centre. Additionally, there are also bagshare bins at Woolworths on L1 and L2 of the car park within the Woolworths complex. More information can be found on the Woolworths website.

The bins are in continual need of bags.  If you have clean cloth bags to share, please drop them into the bagshare bins so the scheme can continue to make an impact in reducing the number of plastic bags in our community.  Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group are thankful to Coles for housing the bin, located outside their supermarket, at night to protect it from loss and damage.