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Bush Kids


Lane Cove Bush Kids is a joint initiative between Council and the Lane Cove Bushland & Conservation Society

Established in 2011 by the Lane Cove Bushland & Conservation Society, Lane Cove Bush Kids aims to engage young children with nature and to encourage a life-long love and care of our environment. 

The Lane Cove Bush Kids program is designed to increase the local community's awareness, understanding and engagement in the natural environment. It´s also about building community, encouraging connections between local families and increasing knowledge and engagement with the place we live in.

Outdoor nature-centred activities are offered during school terms for 2 to 5 year olds and during school holidays for 2 to 10 year olds.

Activities are open to all families residing in the Lane Cove Council and surrounding areas. Programs are produced each term and for school holidays.

Lane Cove Bush Kids Term Three Program 2017 (Online bookings open 28/6/17)

School Holiday Activities for 2 to 10 years

TWIG - Wednesday 12 July & Friday 14 July 9:45am - 11am Meet at Stringybark Reserve, Murray Street, Lane Cove North.  Did you kow that trees have a secret life?  We'll be looking, touching and learning about the secret life of trees on a bushwalk.  TWIG online booking  TWIG 2nd Session 14 July

Roo's Clues - Thursday 13 July 9:45am - 11am Meet at Tambourine Bay Reserve, Tambourine Bay Road, Riverview. Meet Roo and her mum to look for - you guessed it - clues!  We'll use our handy dandy notebooks and read rhymes to work out the clues and what Roo wants to do, while we're exploring the bush.  Roo's Clues online booking

Nature's Night Shift - Monday 17 July 9:45am – 11am Meet at Tambourine Bay Reserve, Tambourine Bay Road, Riverview.   It's past your bedtime when nature's night shift take over, so why not wear your PJs or onesie and joun us!  We'll bring night life to daytime exploring what animals and sounds inhabit nature's night shift on a more challenging bushwalk. Nature's Night Shift online booking

School Term Activities 2 to 5 years

ABC Animal Walk - Tuesday 25 July 9:45am – 11am Meet at Blackman Park, Lloyd Rees Drive, opposite playground, Lane Cove West.  Encourage your child to learn their ABCs with Jenny!  We'll sing, go on a bushwalk, look for letters in nature and get creative with the letter 'W'.  Lots of learning fun for your pre-schooler.   ABC Animal Walk online booking

Owl Babies - Tuesday 1 August 9:45am – 11am Meet at Stringybark Reserve, Murray Street, Lane Cove North.  Hoot!  Hoot!  Owls are fascinating nocturnal animals.  Join us to read a story to find out what happens to Sarah, Percy and Bill.  We'll go on a bushwalk and make our own owl baby to take home. Owl Babies online booking

Kookaburra Kapers - Friday 4  & 11 August 9:45am – 11am Meet at west end of Penrose Street at playground, Lane Cove West"Koo-koo-koo-ka-ka-ka" the call of the kookaburra is an iconic sound of the Australian bush. Join us to discover how they live in family groups and lots more with a story and bushwalk. Kookaburra Kapers online booking  Kookaburra Kapers 2nd Session 4 August

Fur, Feathers & Scales - Wednesday 16 August 9:45am – 11am Meet at Gore Creek Reserve, at playground, far end of oval, Greenwich.  What has fur?  What has feathers?  And what has scales?  What about a koala, kookaburra and blue tongue lizard!  Come along on a bushwalk and use your sense of touch and sight with with some fun activities.  Fur, Feathers & Scales online booking   Fur, Feathers & Scales 2nd Session 9 August

Bush Treasures - Friday 1 September 9:45am – 11am Meet at Blackman Park, Lloyd Rees Drive, opposite playground, Lane Cove West.  Join Michelle to explore the bush for treasure!  Learn how mangroves stay alive, discover 'Old Man Banksia' trees and look for signs of life.  Wear your bush walking shoes and come prepared for a big bushwalk.  Bush Treasures online booking

Discovery Day - Thursday 14 September 9:45am – 11am Meet at Stringybark Reserve, Murray Street, Lane Cove North. Join Jess to discover all things bush!  Have fun on a bush walk looking, listening, feeling and discovering!  There's always something unexpected to encounter and we'll even learn about Bushcare along the way.  Discovery Day online booking

Bookings to all activities are essential - to make a booking, please follow the bookings link for your activity.  If you experience any difficulty or have questions about our program, please call Council on 9911 3583.  Book early as spots are filled quickly.  If the activity is fully booked, you will be added to a wait list.


All activities are $5 per child per activity, unless stated otherwise. Adults are free of charge (unless attending a Spotlight Walk or special activity). Children must be accompanied by an adult throughout the activity.

Families that are members of Lane Cove Bushland & Conservation Society receive two free family vouchers each year of membership.  Lane Cove Bushland & Conservation Society

Payment is made at the activity - please assist us by bringing the exact amount.

Importance of Outdoor Play

If you want to raise happy, healthy, curious and resilient children - send them out in the bush!

Increasing evidence is showing that children need unstructured nature play. Here are some powerful reasons for getting young children outside: 

  • Outdoor play supports the development of healthy and active lifestyles by offering children opportunities for physical activity, freedom and movement, and promoting a sense of well-being.
  • Outdoor play gives children contact with the natural world and offers them experiences that are unique to outdoors, such as direct contact with the weather and the seasons.
  • Playing outside also helps children to learn about, understand and respect nature, the environment and the interdependence of humans, animals, plants, and lifecycles.
  • Outdoor play also supports children's problem-solving skills and nurtures their creativity, as well as providing rich opportunities for their developing imagination, inventiveness and resourcefulness.
  • Children need an outdoor environment that can provide them with space, both upwards and outwards, and places to explore, experiment, discover, be active and healthy within, and to develop their physical capabilities.
  • The outdoor environment offers space and therefore is particularly important to those children who learn best through active movement. Very young children learn predominately through their sensory and physical experiences which supports brain development and the creation of neural networks.

Playing outdoors in a child's early years is an opportunity to play safely and freely while they learn to assess risk and develop the skills to manage new situations.

Nature play keeps the doctor away!  Regular outdoor play in various weather conditions strengthens the immune system, making children less prone to infection.

For more information about Bush Kids, contact Council on

Council also runs a Bushland Walks and Talks program throughout the year for adults and families!