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Sustainable Business


Lane Cove Council are no longer participating in The Better Business Partnership program.

For more information about the program, visit the Better Business Partnership website.

For a map of local businesses participating in the program, click here.


One Village Shop is all about respecting producers and the planet. Everything in the store is ethically produced to the highest standards. If sourced from developing countries the products adhere to the principles of fair trade, and if sourced from within Australia the store works with small businesses that have sound social and environmental practices.



One Villiage Shop really does live by the principles of sustainability and are one of our model business partners of the Better Business Program. They have:

  • Installed Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Initiated Shut Down procedures
  • Turned of Zip Hot Water Boilers
  • Dramatically reduced Air-conditioning use
  • Installed a Dual Flush toilet
  • Minimised water use wherever possible
  • Recycle everything including food scraps
  • Worked with suppliers to reduce packaging and ensure packaging is recyclable
  • Support the well being of all staff
  • Heavily involved in supporting and growing local business community
  • Minimised transport intensity of all products
  • Purchases and supplies sustainably made products only

For more information download the case study from the Better Business Partnership website