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Sustainability Levy


Sustainability Levy Projects 2015/16

The Sustainability Levy is a special rate variation (levy) of 6% to be utilised specifically for sustainability projects from Council’s Sustainability Action Plan.

Council will receive $1,080,969 through the Sustainability Levy in 2015/2016 which has been budgeted to be spent on projects as listed below. Underspent funds from 2014/15 have also been allocated to projects below.

Biodiversity            255,313
Red Spidermite Eradication 3,000
Pumphouse Ventemans Reach stage 2 - Track upgrade 59,500
Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program            35,970
Feral Animal Control - Fox and Rabbit 7,000
Volunteer Bushcare Program            12,700
Every Child, A Bushland Experience            14,500
Bush Friends            31,558
Bushland Park Track Upgrade            15,000
Warraroon Track Upgrade            30,000
Digitising Lane Cove's Bushland Pictorial Records             4,400
Tree Trail             17,685
Gore Creek Stormwater Rehabilitation Works             14,000
Built Environment 122,000
Longueville Ferry Shelter - Refurbishment             12,000
Rosenthal Sustainability Reserve           100,000
Sustainable Building Advisory Service             10,000
Blackman Park Amenities Energy and Water 30,000
Community Engagement            145,390
Awards and Community Grants 12,000
Captured Photography 10,000
Environmental Education             40,000
Bushcare Signage 7,890
Recycling Child Care Nappies 400
Sustainability Lane 20,000
Lane Cove Bush Kids 32,000
Natural Environment of Lane Cove 13,600
Library - Sustainable Commmunities Collection 2,000
Synergy Youth Centre Sustainability Camp 5,000
L&LC vegetable garden and worm farm 2,500
Economy 71,120
Long Term Retail Tenancy Project 42,120
Village Graffiti Reduction 29,000
Energy            145,390
Solar PV Aquatic Centre Support 7,000
Solar PV Library 45,270
Solar PV Depot 14,000
NSROC Renewable Energy Master Plan 5,000
Synergy Youth Centre Sustainability Camp 5,000
Market Square Car Park Lighting Upgrade 50,000
Program Management            145,390
Communication - Sustainability Levy 20,000
Energy and Water Reporting 14,000
Program Management 85,534
Sustainability Action Plan 40,000
Society            191,000
Tambourine Bay Pool           60,000 
Love Where You Live Lane Cove           55,000 
Public Art Initiatives           55,000 
Community Wellbeing Index           5,000 
Walk Around the World           16,000 
Sustainable Transport             14,000
School Transport Access Guide           6,000 
School Active Travel           8,000 
Water             14,000
Sydney Harbour Stormwater Quality Improvement Plan           7,500 
Water Quality Monitoring - Macro Invertebrate Study 15,450


Information about Sustainability Levy projects in previous years is also available:

The report below highlights the achievements of the Sustainability Levy in 2015/16 and highlights how your money is being invested to improve sustainability outcomes in Lane Cove.