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Sustainability Levy


Sustainability Levy Projects 2018/19

The Sustainability Levy is a special rate variation (levy) of 6% to be utilised specifically for sustainability projects from Council’s Sustainability Action Plan.

Council will receive $1,221,266 through the Sustainability Levy in 2018/19 which has been budgeted to be spent on projects as listed below.

Backyard Wildlife Habitat Programs$43,000
Bush Friends$38,546
Feral Animal Control - Bushland$10,000
Lane Cove Community Nursery Project$17,500
Lovetts Reserve Bush Regeneration - Stage 2$24,900
Moore Street - Stage 2$14,000
Panicum Maximum Control Program$10,000
Stormwater Improvements$40,000
Warraroon Wetlands Regeneration - Stage 2$6,000
Woodford Bay Reserve Walking Track - Stage 3$8,120
Barriers to Local Communication$25,000
Love Where You Live Lane Cove$80,000
Program Management$53,700
Sustainable Choice Membership$1,300
Village Graffiti Reduction$30,000
Aquatic Centre Grandstand Solar$200,000
Aquatic Centre LED Installation$27,000
Civic Centre Cooling Tower Replacement$53,850
Streetlighting LED Accelerated Program$170,000
Sustainability Reporting$14,000
Sustainable Council Buildings$40,000
Awards and Community Grants $15,000
Captured Photography Program$10,000
Cycle Skills Workshops for Adults$4,600
Cycle Skills Workshops for Students$16,500
Every Child A Bushland Experience$7,400
Get Rapt in Your Community$2,250
Lane Cove Bush Kids$39,400
Longueville Rd Bus Interchange Survey$4,000
Move More in March$10,000
Public Art Initiatives$18,000
Redesigning Northern Sydney Cycling$5,000
Sustainability Communications$18,000
Sustainability Events$38,000
Sustainability Lane $24,000
Synergy Camp$10,000
Volunteer Bushcare Program$13,200
Lane Cove's Guiding Stars$19,000
Solar Bins - Stage 2$25,000
Streamwatch Program$5,000
Water Monitoring Study$25,000


Information about previous years Sustainability Levy projects is also available: