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Council's Achievements

​Councils are required to report at the end of each Council term on the implementation of its Community Strategic Plan.

Lane Cove has produced an End of Term Video that complements this report and highlights the exciting results and achievements over the past four year Council term (2012 - 2016). This includes major projects, open space improvements, infrastructure upgrades, new facilities, arts and cultural activities, award-winning initiatives and more.

What is our Community Strategic Plan?

Lane Cove 2025 outlines the vision for the local community and Council. The plan, which was adopted by Council in 2011, was produced after an extensive two year community consultation process.


As part of this process Council developed the Delivery Program and Operational Plan which outline the actions to be undertaken to implement Lane Cove 2025 during each Council term. The Budget is produced to support these actions.

The responses from these consultations have been used to develop the goals, objectives and strategies of the Community Strategic Plan. Each comment Council received during the Consultation process has been documented to show where it fits under the CSP.

Lane Cove 2025 is comprised of goals, objectives and strategies for each planning theme, which have been developed with the community through extensive community consultation. As this is a community plan there may be strategies which involve Council to lobby and enter into dialogue with other levels of government, private enterprise, community organisations, educational institutions, non-government, religious organisations and neighbouring councils.