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Gunnedah Support

​Ties with Gunnedah were first established in November 2001 when Lane Cove adopted Gunnedah as its Friendship Town under the “Green Hands” Initiative. This program aimed to link metropolitan and country councils where tree planting and other environmental works were needed.

In late 2002, the Gunnedah region was being severely affected by the worst drought it had experienced in living memory.  Lane Cove Council rallied to the cause, and the two Councils joined forces to put on a “Drought Breaker” concert at St Ignatius College Riverview.  It featured performances by about 60 of Gunnedah's finest young talents, including musicians, dancers, singers, whip-crackers and gymnasts.  Proceeds from the concert went to the Red Cross Farmhand Drought Relief Appeal.

On the night of the concert, the two Mayors announced a formal Sister City relationship. Since then, the two regions have been developing their ties, through reciprocal visits and communications.

Now, once again, Gunnedah is in the grip of a severe drought, one that encompasses all of NSW.  Gunnedah is particularly vulnerable at this time because it has both livestock and cropping.  While livestock are without pasture at the moment, if rains do not arrive then crops will not be planted.

Members of the Lane Cove community continue to express a desire to help. If youa are interested in donating or supporting via locally-based organisations in the Gunnedah region, please see below for more details. There are also a number of Lane Cove fundraising activities throughout the week of 2-9 September under the banner of 'Gold for Gunnedah'. Find out more about how to get involved...

Options for support in the Gunnedah community:

Rural Women's Network

The Rural Women's Network (RWN) is a state-wide government program within the Department of Primary Industries. The small RWN team works in innovative ways to share information and promote action on rural women's issues, often in partnership with individuals, groups and non-government and government agencies.

Phone: 02 6391 3620

Country Women’s Association

CWA of NSW Drought Aid grants Assistance to help meet household expenses for drought affected families, up to a maximum of $3,000 per family/household, is available to eligible applicants. Expenses can include grocery bills, vehicle maintenance, school, electricity, rates, telephone, dental and medical.

Phone: 02 8338 1595
For those who wish to donate, go to and select "Disaster Relief Fund" from the "Donate to" drop down.
Website:  (To register for Drought Aid grants)

Aussie Helpers

Provides assistance to primary producers. Donate: Accepts donations of perishable and non-perishable goods. Any donations of goods or fodder welcome.

Phone: 1300 665 232
Visit: 44 Conadilly St, Gunnedah

Rural Aid

Rural Aid was founded in 2015 to provide a holistic support program to rural Australia. The starting point for the charity was the success of the Buy a Bale campaign, which to date has received over $4.5 million in donations and distributed this through fodder, hampers and more. We understand the needs of our primary producers and aim to lend a helping hand when times are tough.

Phone: 1300 327 624 or 07 3054 5979

Drought Angels

Drought Angels supports Aussie farmers and their rural communities with meaningful and personalized assistance. We provide food hampers, care packs, prepaid visas, local store vouchers, stock feed and hay.

Phone: 0409 548 414 or 0447 129 681

Lions Need for Feed

Need For Feed has been the major supplier of emergency fodder & transport, outstripping the State Government and Other Agencies combined. We are supplying the stock & animal feed needs of affected larger properties by semi loads & supplying smaller properties by ute convoys. We continue to raise funds to support all farmers in fire, drought and flood affected areas each year as required as they struggle to rebuild properties and livelihoods in times of crisis and natural events.

Phone: 0459 444 111

Vinnies NSW Drought Appeal

With 99% of New South Wales affected by drought, Vinnies has launched its NSW Drought Appeal to raise vital funds for rural communities in need. The difficulties and hardships for farmers and their livestock caused by this drought will have ongoing ramifications for the affected communities. Through your kind donation, Vinnies will be involved in the recovery of these communities, helping to keep the hard-working farms of the NSW regional area afloat as they care for their land, their livestock and crops, and most importantly their families, with financial aid and emotional support.

Phone:13 18 12
Local: Gunnedah St Vincent De Pauls 02 6742 1836

Rotary Club of Gunnedah 2380

Vouchers and financials assistance for food, water, petrol, medicine and day to day needs. Email with your details or those family and friends that need help.


Salvation Army – Gunnedah

Provides drought affected farmers in remote locations with grocery store vouchers and cash grants.

Phone: 02 6742 0540 or 0407 034 604
Sydney office: 02 8757 8088