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Kingsford Smith Oval

Over several years Council has had an ongoing issue with a number of regular dog incidents involving the public, Council staff and sporting club users at Kingsford Smith Oval.

At its meeting in March 2020 Council resolved to undertake a number of measures at Kingsford Smith Oval to reduce dog-related incidents at the oval which were developed in consultation with the Lane Cove Dog Lovers Association (LC DLA).

Since then Council has clarified user access and use of the oval as an Off-Leash Dog area which includes the installation of chicanes, opening of gates on weekdays 7:30am - 3:30pm, the use of flags and installation of additional signage. The gates remain closed in the evenings and on weekends.

Council also collaborated on a Code of Conduct that would provide transparency for roles and responsibilities for the community and Council. Following on from this preparation, the gates began being opened from 7:30am on Monday 19 October 2020.

The outcome of the opening of the gates will be observed to determine if they result in changes or reduction in dog-related incidents. The chicanes have been located further away from the road and designed to point away from the road so that when dogs leave the oval they would need to slow down and do a U-turn before they could run towards the road.

The expectation is that dogs are under effective control at all times and that other users of the Oval will benefit from the increased supervision during the times that the gates are locked open.

These actions also help Council in meeting its WHS obligations for staff to be provided with a safe working environment while conducting their work on-site at Kingsford Smith Oval.

The LC DLA have finished their role in the opening of the gates. Council is continuing to open the gates until the outcome of the trial is determined at the 7 December Council meeting.

The meeting Agenda should be available on Council's website on Thursday 3 December.