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Longueville Street Trees

Council will be expanding the canopy of tree cover in Longueville this April as part of the Connecting Street Canopy Corridors project which is funded by the Greening our City Grant through the Department of Planning Industry and Environment.

Council has identified Longueville as the focus of the project as it has the least amount of canopy coverage within the Council area while also having the most amount of viable planting sites. The expansion of canopy cover will help to increase shade and reduce heat at the same time as providing habitat connections for wildlife. The project aligns with multiple Council plans and strategies to maintain and enhance the overall urban forest and canopy cover on public and private land throughout Lane Cove. It also aligns with the NSW Greater Sydney North District Plan to increase urban forest canopy. 

Each tree has been chosen specifically for the location, taking into consideration the width of verge; soil condition; views from adjacent properties; winter sun access; powerline proximity; and will be guided by the Street Tree Masterplan. 

Residents receiving a street tree near their home will be provided with information to learn about the tree and what benefits the tree will provide. It is anticipated that the increased awareness of the significance and suitability of street trees will help residents appreciate the trees in their neighbourhood, resulting in less vandalism.

Longueville Street Trees.JPG