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Medium Density LEP

In June 2018, the State government announced a new Medium Density Housing Code which would have permitted medium density developments such as townhouses in the R2 low density residential zone. This was considered undesirable as it would result in over development in areas which are unsuitable for medium density housing due to environmental considerations and infrastructure constraints.

In recognition of the concerns raised by affected councils, the state government granted a one-year moratorium on the code to allow councils time to update their Local Environmental Plans to ensure the code would not apply in the R2 Low Density Residential Zone.

Subsequently, Council was the first Council to propose an amendment to its Local Environment Plan (LEP), to ensure medium density development could not occur in the R2 Low Density Residential Zone.

Council’s LEP amendment was ultimately accepted and gazetted by the state government on 14 June 2019. This means medium density development and application of the Medium Density Housing Code is restricted to the R3, Medium Density Residential Zone.