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Total Fire Ban

A total fire ban has been put in place for Friday 15 November.

Please note all bushland reserves are now open. This includes the previously closed reserves: ​

  • Batten Reserve
  • Ventemans Reach
  • Lovetts Reserve
  • Yangoora Reserve
  • Lower Stringybark Creek Reserve
  • Greendale Reserve
  • Holloway Reserve
  • Gore Creek Reserve
  • Warraroon Reserve
  • Tennyson Park
  • Burns Bay Reserve

Council will continue to monitor all parks and reserves.

For further information, please visit the ​RFS website​.

Drought Fundraiser

Lane Cove's Christmas Drought Fundraiser

Many of us are aware there are hundreds of communities in NSW suffering the effects of the drought. Council is today announcing a new initiative to help support two of those communities in the grips of drought; Gunnedah, our sister city; and Cobar, in central western NSW.

We are inviting Lane Cove residents to make a difference in these communities this Christmas by donating a gift card which families and residents in need can use in their local town to buy essentials for themselves and also support the local economy.

To show your support, simply follow these two steps:

  1. Purchase one of the gift cards from the list below for any amount you choose.
  2. Drop off your Gift Card in one of the wishing wells located at the customer service desks at Lane Cove Civic Centre and Lane Cove Library by Thursday 12 December 5:00pm

Donate to Gunnedah by purchasing: (no surcharges or merchant fees apply)

A Lane Cove Gift Card – these cards have been activated for use at the participating stores in Gunnedah, enabling Gunnedah residents to use Lane Cove Gift Cards. Available to purchase from various stores in Lane Cove, for a list of load up stores visit

Donate to Cobar by purchasing: (no surcharges or merchant fees apply)

An IGA supermarket Gift Card - which can be used by Cobar residents at Cobar's IGA supermarket. Available from IGA Greenwich, 87-89 Greenwich Road and IGA Lane Cove West (Agora), 165 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove West. Please ask staff at the counter. 

Donate to Gunnedah or Cobar by purchasing: (surcharges and merchant fees may apply)

A MASTERCARD or VISA prepaid gift card – which can be used by Gunnedah and Cobar residents in any store wherever MASTERCARD or VISA is accepted. These cards are available to purchase from numerous outlets including Australia Post and Australia Post online.

Council will distribute the gift cards to Gunnedah and Cobar Councils which will give the cards to local charities for residents and families in need in these communities. Thank you to those who have already given generously by dropping off a gift card.

At the Extraordinary Council Meeting held on Monday 4 November, Council pledged to make a separate donation of $2500 to each town (total of $5000) to Gunnedah and Cobar Councils for residents affected by the drought before Christmas. 

Please note: When making your gift card purchase please note Gunnedah does not have an IGA supermarket and Cobar does not have a Woolworths or a Coles supermarket.

Food + Wine by the River

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Food + Wine by the River at Tambourine Bay Park on Sunday 3 November. Despite the rain in the afternoon, it was a fun-filled day with delicious wine from the Orange region, gourmet food, live music, face painting, an animal petting farm and a painting workshop.

Food + Wine by the River is one of many events in this year's Festival by the River program. View the full program of events.










Traffic Diversion

From Monday 4 November, new traffic diversions will be in place on Birdwood Avenue and Rosenthal Avenue for four weeks to allow for a rock wall to be built which will form part of The Canopy project.

The key changes are:

1. Birdwood Avenue will be closed at the intersection of Rosenthal Avenue.

2. Vehicles under 6m travelling into Birdwood Avenue from Longueville Road will be diverted to Birdwood Lane (during construction work hours Monday-Friday and partial day Saturday).

3. Buses or vehicles over 6m travelling into Birdwood Avenue from Longueville Road will be guided through Birdwood Avenue by traffic controllers (during construction work hours Monday-Friday and partial day Saturday).

4. After-hours and on weekends (with the exception of Saturday work hours) traffic lights will be in place to allow for an alternative flow (contra-flow) of traffic.

For more information see inbound and outbound maps pictured or visit:

Inbound Route:

 Inbound Map.JPG

Outbound Route:

Outbound Map.JPG 

Traffic Changes

Finlayson Street & Coxs Lane – Installation of 'No Parking' zone

Council is preparing to make permanent changes to parking arrangements in Lane Cove's Finlayson Street and Coxs Lane in preparation for the opening of The Canopy carpark in December 2019. 

These changes to improve traffic movements around the area were adopted by Council in May 2017 following extensive community consultation. Works are shown in the image below, these include:

  • Introduction of 'No Parking' restrictions on the northern and southern sides of Finlayson Street between Rosenthal Avenue and Coxs Lane.

  • Introduction of 'No Parking' restrictions on the eastern and western sides of Coxs Lane between Finlayson and Sutherland Streets.

  • Introduction of 'No Parking' restrictions on the western side of Coxs Lane between Finlayson Street and Birdwood Avenue.

  • Installation of a roundabout at the intersection of Finlayson Street and Coxs Lane.

The installation of the 'No Parking' zones will allow safe passage of two-way traffic. This work will commence the week beginning 11 November 2019.

The construction of the roundabout at the intersection of Finlayson Street and Coxs Lane will commence when the current construction traffic diversions are no longer in place. The roundabout will act as a traffic calming device to improve safety at the intersection and reduce traffic speeds along Coxs Lane. The speed of the vehicles in Cox’s Lane will be monitored once The Canopy is open to determine if further measures are required.

Council appreciates these changes will impact residents in the immediate vicinity, however they will make a significant contribution to ensuring appropriate traffic flow to accommodate The Canopy and Village Centre traffic generally.

traffic changes.png



Broadleef Weed Spraying

Council contractors have commenced Broadleaf Weed Spraying in some parks and open spaces in the area. Due to weather, spraying will continue from Monday 11 November to Friday 15 November. Spearhead Selective Herbicide will be used.

Notification signs will be put out at the major entrances to the parks on the day of spraying, immediately prior to the pesticide application and remain in place until the park is reopened for public use later that day. The public is requested to follow on-site signage and not to use the parks on the day that the pesticide is applied.

Parks and spaces to be sprayed:

  • 106 Tambourine Bay Road
  • Bayview Park
  • Blackman Park - all areas excluding playing fields
  • Burns Bay Reserve
  • Cunninghams Reach
  • Charlish Park
  • Corner of French Street and Bent Street
  • Cullent Park
  • Evelyn Street Playground
  • Gamma Reserve
  • Goodlet Reserve
  • Opposite Greenwich Wharf
  • Greenwich Park
  • Greenwich Sailing Club
  • Hands Quarry Reserve
  • Helen Street Reserve
  • Jago Street
  • Kellys Esplanade (opposite 1 Kellys Esplanade)
  • Kingsford Smith Oval
  • Leemon Reserve
  • Holloway Reserve (end of Vista Street)
  • Majorie York Playground
  • Manns Point
  • Mary Carlson Park
  • Newlands Park
  • Shell Park
  • Stringybark Reserve
  • Tambourine Bay Park 
  • End of St Lawrence Street (above Greenwich Baths)
March For Age Equality

​The Lane Cove village was buzzing on Thursday 24 October with seniors, family and friends gathering for Lane Cove's first March for Age Equality. Inspired by the United Nations International Day of Older Persons in October, the march celebrated the lives of older people and raised awareness of the negative impact of ageism on older people. Mayor of Lane Cove, Clr Pam Palmer, spoke about the journey to age equality and how we can work together to change negative narratives and stereotypes affecting older people. Everyone in the audience loved the performance by the Older Women's Network and they certainly squashed some myths about old age!





NBN Rollout

Residents might have noticed NBNCo contractors carrying out works on nature strips in Lane Cove as the NBN is being rolled out to parts of Lane Cove Council.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the works, please contact NBNCo on 1800 687 626, email or visit their website.

Say No To Plastic

The Lane Cove community is always looking to be a sustainable community by striving to reduce the impact on the environment and shift towards sustainable practices.

In response to community support for this important issue, Council decided to phase out single-use plastics from Council venues and Council-run events from 2018. This extends to the use of balloons at Council-run and supported outdoor events.

For the purpose of clarifying the term single-use plastics, they are defined as “disposable plastics that are commonly used for plastic packaging and include items intended to be used only once before they are thrown away or recycled”.

Single-use plastics have many negative environmental, social and economic impacts. Australians use four to six billion single-use plastic bags alone each year, with only 3% of these being recycled and 80 million of these ending up as litter. Globally, at least eight million tonnes of mishandled plastic waste washes into our oceans and rivers each year. Plastic does not biodegrade; rather it breaks down into ever-smaller pieces. Ongoing research by the CSIRO shows that microplastics - tiny plastic fibres and fragments - are being found in marine and human food chains and their impacts are a growing concern.

Council has resolved to being at the forefront of community expectations and to actively support the phasing out of single-use plastics. The level of support shown from the local community demonstrates a commitment towards the environment. Council encourages you to consider swapping single-use items for alternatives.

By reducing the use of single-use plastic items, Council is demonstrating a tangible commitment to our community and future generations.

Plastic Bag Diet

In collaboration with Macquarie University, Council has introduced a new single-use plastic bag reduction program nicknamed the ‘Plastic Bag Diet’. The aim of the project is to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic bags and support the community’s transition to alternative bags. Council has provided selected businesses with sustainable bags for a trial period. You can support local business by taking your reusable bags when you shop and by saying no to plastic bags.


Park Upgrades

Following recent community consultation, a new fenced off-leash dog park will be created at Turrumburra Park, Lane Cove. Works will include installation of new seating and a drinking station with a bubbler. The unfenced area will also be upgraded with new trees, new seating and maintenance of the park’s historic steam roller. The upgrade is expected to be completed by the end of this year. As a result of the same community consultation, play equipment will be upgraded in the nearby park on Finlayson Street by mid-2020.


Climate Emergency

Lane Cove Council has become the 50th Australian Council to declare a climate emergency.

Council voted to acknowledge climate change as a threat to the future of our cities, including the Lane Cove Local Government Area (LGA) at its 16 September Meeting.

More than 1000 jurisdictions worldwide have recognised a state of climate emergency that requires immediate action by all levels of government. In Sydney these include North Sydney Council, City of Sydney, City of Ryde and Randwick City Council.

At the meeting, Lane Cove Council agreed to declare its readiness to assist the State Government’s objective of net-zero emissions by 2050 and support policies and programs by the Government that reduce carbon emissions and assist with adapting to climate change in NSW.

"I’m pleased Council has put its support behind addressing climate change and how we can increase resilience to these changes in our environment," Clr Pam Palmer, Mayor of Lane Cove said.

"This is a very serious issue which is gaining increasing attention and we are pleased to be able to take action at a local level," Clr Palmer added.

Council will now write to the Premier of NSW, our Local and Federal members, the NSW Environmental Minister and the Federal Environmental Minister, advising them of Council’s resolution and calling upon them to act accordingly and urgently.

Council staff will this month begin preparing a report which details efforts to reduce carbon emissions that Council and the Lane Cove community are already undertaking and will identify areas which could be improved.

Council is taking steps to measure carbon and water-use baselines for Council operations, as well as business and the community.

Aspirational targets for both community and Council emissions and water-use will be included in the report.

In addition, Council will conduct a review of its current Sustainability Action Plan to include targets established by the baseline report, an emissions reduction pathway strategy and actions which focus on increasing climate change resilience in the LGA.

Shared Library Services

Council has this week welcomed news of a library shared services agreement with Hunters Hill Council.

On Monday 23 September 2019, Hunters Hill Council unanimously voted to accept a proposal from Lane Cove for shared library services from 1 July 2020.

"Lane Cove Council has a much-loved library and we welcome all residents, including those from Hunters Hill, to share in all the wonderful resources our library has to offer. But libraries today are about more than books. We run many events at Lane Cove Library" said Mayor of Lane Cove, Councillor Pam Palmer. “We look forward to working with Hunters Hill Council to provide its community with a range of library services both in Lane Cove and within the Hunters Hill LGA.”


Central Park Playspace

A natural playspace at Central Park in Longueville is now ready for all to enjoy!

Earlier this year an Angophora Costata (also known as a Sydney Red Gum or Smooth Barked Apple) was removed from Central Park for public safety. It is thought to have been planted in the early 1900s and with no competition from surrounding trees, it formed a unique spreading and contorted canopy. After the tree’s removal, Council worked with wood sculpture specialists Timber Creations to create a stunning natural playspace from some of the tree’s limbs to be installed in the park for residents and visitors to sit on, climb on and enjoy.

Central Park is bounded by William Edward Street & Kenneth Street, Longueville.

Central Park Log Sculpture.jpg 

Azalea Spring Giveaway

Azalea Giveaway

The azaleas grown at Lane Cove Community Nursery were popular with locals on Saturday 28 September. More than 80 small azalea plants were given away in celebration of the completion of the planting of hundreds of new azaleas along Epping Road.




Latest News - September 2019

Member for Lane Cove, Hon. Anthony Roberts MP joined Mayor of Lane Cove, Councillor Pam Palmer and fellow councillors for the official opening of the azalea project on Friday 13 September. The project saw more than 600 azaleas planted along Epping Road between Coxs Lane and the Longueville Road intersection.

Council’s restoration was boosted and brought forward by funding from the NSW Government’s Stronger Communities Fund. Other works in the project included the repair of retaining walls, planting of native ground covering plants and installation of irrigation. The azaleas were sourced entirely from cuttings grown by Council which were taken from original azaleas on Epping Road.



Latest News – May 2019

Further works have begun on the section between Coxs Lane and the Longueville Road intersection:

The work will include:

  • Removal of some Azaleas and soil for structural brick repair
  • Repairing of structural brick
  • Planting of Azaleas in the top terrace using plants grown from cuttings
  • Planting of native ground covering plants in the lower terrace
  • Installation of irrigation

Latest News – April 2019

Commencing in April, Council undertook works on the rejuvenation of 11 plant bays from Coxs Lane towards Centennial Avenue.

The works included:

  • Structural brick repair
  • Pruning of overhanging branches
  • Pruning of Azaleas in the top terrace

Works to follow:

  • Planting of native ground covering plants in the lower terrace
  • Infill planting of Azaleas in the top terrace
  • Installation of Irrigation

Latest News - October 2018

The State Government has  announced funding for the Epping Road/Longueville Road Garden Beds which have a long history of greeting motorists to Lane Cove in Spring.

In 2017 Lane Cove locals called for restoration of the iconic garden beds which were reconfigured as part of the above ground works for the Lane Cove Tunnel. Council is one year into its plan for restoration and maintenance which can now be accelerated thanks to funding from the NSW Government's Stronger Communities Fund.

Member for Lane Cove Anthony Roberts MP was on-site to announce the State Government's $150,000 investment in the local project.

"I was delighted with Lane Cove Council's decision to rejuvenate the Azaleas along Epping Road, and I am extremely pleased that with a contribution from the State Government we will get to what will be a beautiful final result" said Minister Roberts (pictured below with Mayor of Lane Cove, Clr Pam Palmer).

In acknowledging the heritage of the area Minister Roberts said, "The Azaleas were planted over 30 years ago and quickly became a must see attraction for those travelling through Lane Cove".

Council has cultivated over 700 Azaleas seedlings which are being cared for at the Lane Cove community nursery. While they continue to grow, Council is working through the options available to restore the beds which have been significantly modified since the Lane Cove floral display was last curated. The Stronger Communities Fund will greatly assist in the restorative and preparatory works required to bring the project to life.

History of the Epping Road Garden Beds

In the 1960s Azaleas adorned the garden beds on Epping/Longueville Road, with a sloping lawn and a flowering annual display with the letters 'LANE COVE' spelled out in bedding begonias that were set into grass in the lower bed. Thirty years later, in 1992, the lower beds around the 'LANE COVE' sign were mass planted with Azaleas, creating a stunning September show that many still associate with Lane Cove.

With their Azalea mass planting and 'LANE COVE' floral display, the beds were a visual expression of local identity and pride.

The garden beds were reconfigured as part of the above ground works for the Lane Cove Tunnel.

While a number of Azaleas still feature along the road in what was the upper section of the garden bed, the area previously containing the floral signage has been significantly modified. This means Council is unable to reinstate the 'LANE COVE' display in its previous form however Council is exploring other options to include the words within the iconic floral display.


Member for Lane Cove Anthony Roberts MP was on-site to announce the State Government's $150,000 investment in the local project.
Pictured here on-site with Mayor of Lane Cove, Councillor Pam Palmer.

New location for Synergy

Lane Cove’s Synergy Youth Centre has moved to its new temporary home at Centrehouse Community Arts Centre at 178 Longueville Road (opposite Lane Cove Library). A brand new Youth Centre will soon be built on the site of the former youth centre in Little Street and is set to open in late 2020.

The opening hours for the Youth Centre at Centrehouse Community Arts Centre are:

School term hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Friday: 3:00pm – 8:00pm
Saturday: 12:00pm – 5:00pm

School holiday hours:

Monday 30 September - Friday 4 October: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Monday 7 October: closed due to public holiday

Tuesday 8 October - Friday 11 October: Synergy Youth Camp in Ulladulla. Centre closed.

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