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Rosenthal Project Site Visit

Councillors and staff toured the Rosenthal Project site on Monday 11 March to check in on its progress.

With more than 60% of the concrete structure already complete, the project continues to run on time for a mid-2020 opening.

See below some of the latest images from the site which is currently being transformed into a new park with 500 car parking spaces underneath. Did you know there’ll be a temporary 40+ car park on-site in about a month’s time? Find out more:

For the latest project updates and images, visit the Rosental Project website.

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New Solar Bins

Council has expanded its solar powered bin program to the Plaza with ten bins installed this week.

Using solar power, the bin compacts waste and recycling once it fills up, which results in five times more waste storage. More capacity in the bins means fewer collection trips, lower costs and less emissions.

The bin compaction is equivalent to two to three adults standing on the waste and it takes approximately 40 seconds for the waste to be compacted.

Solar Bins Australia (the team who manufactured and installed the new bins) determined the best position for each bin station based on solar access, positioning for the public and servicing. The solar units and batteries that power these units are of extremely high quality and designed specifically for this purpose. The bins also have the capabilities to send alerts to Council if something is wrong (e.g. the bin is at capacity or there are power issues).

The bins add to the existing collection at Blackman Park and near Lane Cove Library.

New Park Opening

​Council officially opened the Mindarie Park Inclusive Playspace on Saturday 23 February 2019.

This new inclusive playspace aligns with the Everyone Can Play in NSW guidelines to cater for all people, including disabled and able-bodied children and their Carers. The fenced playspace includes a range of swings, natural-looking play materials and equipment that is suitable for people of all abilities to enjoy. Also on-site are new BBQ facilities, toilets and Seniors fitness equipment.

The project is proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with Lane Cove Council.

Mindarie Park is located on the corner of Mindarie Street and Kullah Parade, Lane Cove North.


50m Pool

Latest News - 20 March 2019

Council has received requests from members of the public who would like to remove their tile from alongside the outdoor pool at Lane Cove Aquatic Centre. The tiles were decorated in 1995 and have been affixed to the wall alongside the pool for the past 24 years. If you have yet to contact Council please note that the last opportunity to remove a tile will be this Saturday 23 March, 7:00am – 3:00pm. Please wear enclosed footwear and report to the gate on the Phoenix Street side of the pool. Anyone coming along to remove a tile does so at their own risk and must bring their own equipment to remove the tile under supervision of those on-site. The tiles are fragile and therefore there is no guarantee that your tile will be able to be removed in one piece or without damage.

The Development Application for the concourse was recently submitted with one more development application to come in relation to the grandstand. Council is currently anticipating the construction of the pool will take approximately 18 months however firmer details on timing will be known at the end of April once we’ve heard back from potential suppliers.

Latest News - 8 March 2019

Council will soon start the demolition of the 50m outdoor pool and grandstand which reached the end of their lifespan in December. From Monday 11 March there will be no access to the temporary car park on the Phoenix Street side of the pool as this is converted to a works zone. The pedestrian footbridge from Little Street across to Lane Cove Aquatic Leisure Centre will be temporary closed until late April. Pedestrians can still access the Aquatic Centre via the pedestrian crossings at street level on Little Street.

The following week from Monday 18 March there will be four to six weeks of noisy daytime works as both of the concrete structures are removed. Resident notifications will start next week alerting locals to noisy daytime works from 18 March for approximately 4-6 weeks while both concrete structures are removed.

During construction Lane Cove’s Synergy Youth Centre has temporarily relocated from underneath the pool grandstand to 47 Burns Bay Road (opposite Coles).

The Development Application for the replacement pool was approved earlier this week providing the opportunity for Council to now go to market for the construction aspect of the new pool. The concourse and grandstand development applications will both be lodged this month. Now that Council can go to market for construction we will soon have a clearer construction and re-opening timeframe for the community.

FYI the indoor pools at the Aquatic Centre still remain open with construction only taking place outside.

Latest News - February 2019

Council recently appointed project architects to oversee the planning and construction of a replacement pool and grandstand following the pool's closure in December 2018. The 50m outdoor pool was built in 1961 with Council planning for its replacement in the near future.

In early February 2019 Council lodged the first of three Development Applications (DAs) for the replacement of the pool. Thank you to members of the community who took time over the Summer period to provide their feedback on the future pool and grandstand. All comments were reviewed – some relate to aspects of the future DAs and/or operation of the pool and surrounding areas once constructed. As a result not all feedback will relate to this first DA.

The DA is for 8 lanes with an accessible ramp into the pool. It is expected that the works will cost around $3million and take approximately 12 months to commission and build. This first DA includes the pool tank which is the critical feature that allows Council to go to market for a specialised Pool builder. The following two DAs will relate to the concourse and then the grandstand/associated landscaping. It is expected that these will be lodged late February or in March.

Members of the community interested in looking at the DA are welcome to view the DA online using the number 10/2019 when prompted. The formal notification process for the DA commenced on 4 February 2019 with submissions closing on 17 February 2019.

Progress of the pool's construction will continue to be made available at


Market Square Car Park

​The largest Council car park in Lane Cove, Market Square Car Park has been the focus of a number of recent improvements by Council.

What has changed?

From 22 October two exit lanes have been in operation. The new ticketless parking system is now live which means these two lanes operate as follows:

Express Lane –under three hours or already paid at a pay machine

Pay Lane –stayed three hours or more and forgot to pay at a pay machine

As drivers approach the exit they can choose their preferred lane and then slow for licence plate recognition. There are no boomgates upon exit, fines will apply to those who exit without paying.

New signage is in place to help remind customers to check the duration of their stay at the pay machines located on P1 and P2. Together with improved licence plate technology, the twin lane exit will help improve the operation of this popular car park.

There are still 300 spaces available and it will remain free to enter after 6:00pm each day. Plus, seven additional motorcycle bays have been added.

Why have the changes been made?

The community and Council have experienced frustrations with the delays caused when issues have occurred with the single-exit boomgate. Delays at this boomgate have been further compounded at peak times and due to the high turnover of the car park. Market Square turns over more than 10 times its capacity on a daily basis which by industry standards is very high.

Given that close to 90% of the people using the car park stay under 3 hours, Council has now provided a twin lane exit to provide an Express Lane option as well as a Pay Lane option. There are no boomgates at the exit, the exits will use licence plate recognition systems to recognise those who do not pay before exiting.

While Council has been working on these improvements a number of car park users have been overstaying without paying. With the new system in place these customers are reminded that if they stay over 3 hours they are to pay before exiting as fines will soon apply.

 Helpful Hints

  • All customers are encouraged to note their time of entry and check their duration of stay at pay machines on levels P1 and P2
  • Peak times often coincide with morning and afternoon school drop-offs. It is recommended that you leave sufficient time to exit the car park at these times.
Top 10 Children's Authors

Lane Cove Library staff have searched through the thousands of books that were borrowed in 2018 to find the 10 most borrowed children's authors of the year.

Who made the top 10? See the authors below and click on their name to see what titles are available at Lane Cove Library for you to borrow.

1. Geronimo Stilton

2. Daisy Meadows

3. Sally Rippin

4. Andy Griffiths

5. Enid Blyton

6. Julia Donaldson

7. Roald Dahl

8. H. I. Larry

9. Dr. Suess

10. J.K. Rowling

Funding Grows

TDSC_0004.JPGhe State Government has  announced funding for the Epping Road/Longueville Road Garden Beds which have a long history of greeting motorists to Lane Cove in Spring.

In 2017 Lane Cove locals called for restoration of the iconic garden beds which were reconfigured as part of the above ground works for the Lane Cove Tunnel. Council is one year into its plan for restoration and maintenance which can now be accelerated thanks to funding from the NSW Government's Stronger Communities Fund.

Member for Lane Cove Anthony Roberts MP was on-site to announce the State Government's $150,000 investment in the local project.

"I was delighted with Lane Cove Council's decision to rejuvenate the Azaleas along Epping Road, and I am extremely pleased that with a contribution from the State Government we will get to what will be a beautiful final result" said Minister Roberts (pictured right with Mayor of Lane Cove, Clr Pam Palmer).

In acknowledging the heritage of the area Minister Roberts said, "The Azaleas were planted over 30 years ago and quickly became a must see attraction for those travelling through Lane Cove".

Council has cultivated over 700 Azaleas seedlings which are being cared for at the Lane Cove community nursery. While they continue to grow, Council is working through the options available to restore the beds which have been significantly modified since the Lane Cove floral display was last curated. The Stronger Communities Fund will greatly assist in the restorative and preparatory works required to bring the project to life.

History of the Epping Road Garden Beds

In the 1960s Azaleas adorned the garden beds on Epping/Longueville Road, with a sloping lawn and a flowering annual display with the letters 'LANE COVE' spelled out in bedding begonias that were set into grass in the lower bed. Thirty years later, in 1992, the lower beds around the 'LANE COVE' sign were mass planted with Azaleas, creating a stunning September show that many still associate with Lane Cove.

With their Azalea mass planting and 'LANE COVE' floral display, the beds were a visual expression of local identity and pride.

The garden beds were reconfigured as part of the above ground works for the Lane Cove Tunnel.

While a number of Azaleas still feature along the road in what was the upper section of the garden bed, the area previously containing the floral signage has been significantly modified. This means Council is unable to reinstate the 'LANE COVE' display in its previous form however Council is exploring other options to include the words within the iconic floral display.

Blackman Park Upgrade

​A major renovation of ovals B3 & B4 commenced in September to improve the long-term usability of the grounds. It will also allow for a full length AFL field and two new full-size cricket wickets that will replace the existing one.

Works completed so far include:

  • Spraying of grass and weeds to prepare the surface
  • Installation of a security fence to the whole site followed by removal of the old cricket pitch and sockets from the AFL goal posts
  • Reprofiling to improve the playing surface
  • Construction of two cricket pitches to expand capacity

Works from mid November onwards include:

  • Installation of irrigation and drainage to improve playing surface longevity
  • Re-levelling of field surface
  • Laying of new turf including allowing time for it to establish for sport use in 2019

During this time there is no access to the lower ovals and cricket nets – access to the path and playgrounds will be maintained. The upgrade to the ovals is anticipated to be completed by January 2019.

Following the completion of the upgrade, a new fenced dog park will be constructed to provide additional off-leash exercise space. The fenced area will include water, shade, seating and agility equipment for dogs of all sizes.

Off-leash use of the ovals will remain when sporting activities are not in progress.

The latest information will be available at

New court for Longueville

​A brand new, full-sized basketball court is currently under construction at Kingsford Smith Oval in Longueville.

The 28 metre x 15 metre concrete slab was poured in July and in August the rubber surface of the court was laid. The line-marking is now complete with the posts and basketball rings also in place. The netball rings will be installed in due course along with the final aspects of the project such as landscaping.

The court will be ready for use this Spring.


Solar solutions

solarbins.jpg​Council has installed new solar-powered bins near Lane Cove Library with an additional set heading down to Blackman Park soon.

The bins can hold up to five times more waste by using a solar compactor, reducing the need to empty the bins as frequently.

There is a sensor to help identify when the bin is getting full. You can still dispose of waste while it is compacting, simply pull the bin handle or use the foot pedal if your hands are full.

The bins located near the Library feature historical photographs from the area, particular those that feature Longueville Road in times gone by.

Council is monitoring the efficiencies of the bins with more solar-powered bins expected to be rolled out in high pedestrian areas in the coming months.


Find an exciting career


Memories of Lane Cove

Memories of Lane Cove features 14 stories that capture the personal memories and rich history of our local area as far back as the 1930s.

Each of the stories were submitted by people aged 55 years and over who have lived in Lane Cove for more than 25 years. An initiative of Age-Friendly Lane Cove, this large-print book captures and publishes the stories of older people in our community as a way of showing respect for their stories and indeed their role in the community.

The publication was officially launched on Thursday 19 April by Mayor of Lane Cove, Clr Pam Palmer.

Copies of the publication are available to purchase from Lane Cove Library and the Lane Cove Civic Centre for $10,

The below picture captures the smiles of those involved in submitting stories and celebrating the launch at Lane Cove Library:


Solar Mapping Tool

​Council has launched a free online 'Solar Mapping Tool' to help residents and businesses to estimate the potential for solar electricity generation on their roof.

The 'Solar Mapping Tool' provides an estimate on annual electricity generation, financial savings and emissions offset by installing solar panels. This information will help energy consumers make better decisions about investments in Solar PV. With electricity prices on the rise the tool provides residents with information that will assist with solar system purchasing decisions

You can map the solar potential of your home or business by visiting the SunSpot Solar Potential Map, entering your address and drawing the 'map' of your potential solar installation area. The data provided will equip you with information to make an informed decision on solar installation. 

Before visiting the site, note the following steps to help you map your roof:

  • Visit the SunSpot page:
  • Choose Sydney and click on the search icon next to "search for a specific address"
  • Enter the address and then use the polygon or rectangle tool to map out the rooftop area.
  • The calculated information will then appear on the right.


You can also view live information on state and nationwide solar data

Find more about the Solar Mapping Tool.

Local History


Lane Cove Municipality was incorporated in February 1895 and has undergone a great deal of growth and development over the last 122 years. When the Municipality was incorporated the area looked more like a collection of country villages than the dense residential area we recognise today. There was very little street lighting and the lighting that did exist was by kerosene lamp. The few ‘constructed’ roads were made of dirt and gravel. One Council ganger of the day told his daughter Daisy that residents preferred to use the bush tracks rather than attempt to navigate the muddy tracks churned up by horses and car traffic.

According to the Sands Directory of 1897 there were 233 dwellings and a population of just 1,200. In 2016, the residential population was estimated to be 36,996.

In February 1885, 150 ratepayers of River Ward, North Willoughby (now the Municipality of Willoughby) signed a petition asking for separation from the Municipality of Willoughby. On this occasion they were unsuccessful, but a second petition signed by 306 ratepayers in 1893 met with more success. The first Lane Cove local government election was held on the 26 March 1895 and the first Mayor, Jeremiah Roberts, was formally elected by his fellow Councillors on the 4 April 1895. As with today, public infrastructure was vital and one of Council’s first projects was to call for tenders in May 1895, for the construction of St Leonards Wharf (now known as Bay Street Wharf).

Lane Cove’s Mayors and Aldermen have reflected the general make-up of the community. They have worked in all types of industries and have included influential business people, local environmental activists, farmers and scholars. Some could be classified as characters, including Mayor ‘Fred’ Graham who enlisted to drive trucks in Mesopotamia (now Iraq) during the First World War. Mayor Richard (Dick) Nossiter continued the tradition when he served on Allied convoy ships in the North
Atlantic during World War II. Lane Cove broke ground when Marjorie Propsting was elected the first female Mayor on the North Shore and Council continues to have
a high proportion of women serving the Municipality.

View an online copy of the Mayors of Lane Cove: A Retrospective

Beauty of Recycling
You can now recycle various household items that aren’t accepted in your kerbside recycling bins via Council’s TerraCycle collection point.

Did you know that oral care items including toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes and dental floss containers can be recycled via a collection bin in the foyer of Council’s Civic Centre?

This collection point has been running for over six months and is regularly used by residents.

It’s been so popular that we’ve added a coffee pod and beauty products collection bins.

A full list of what can be recycled can be found at:

How does it work?

1. Save up your used  coffee pods, oral care  items and beauty items including shampoo bottles, mascara tubes, foundation tubes and more.

2. Bring these into Council’s Civic Centre and separate into one of the three different bins

3. Council boxes up the items ready for TerraCycle to recycle items into items such as park benches.

Bin your items in the foyer of Council’s Civic Centre, 48 Longueville Road, Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm.

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