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Sustainable building advice

‚ÄčWhat is the Sustainable Building Advisory Service

The Sustainable Building Advisory Service (SBAS) is a FREE service for residents and provides sustainable building advice from a qualified architect. The service is offered to residents who are planning to build or renovate their home.

The SBAS provides recommendations for best practice sustainable building designs that go beyond the thermal comfort, water and energy efficiencies currently promoted by the regulation - Building Sustainability Index (BASIX).

Why get involved?

Houses incorporating sustainable design can benefit from:

  • Reduced operating costs through a decrease in energy and water consumption
  • Improved occupant comfort
  • Improved occupant health
  • Reduced environmental impacts

Who should apply?

The SBAS is offered to residents at all stages of work (concept, pre-DA, DA submitted, works underway) provided they are willing to implement sustainable features into their project. Council reserves the right to determine and review eligibility.

How to apply

If you are interested in an SBAS consultation, please complete the expression of interest application form.

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