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Traffic signal update

16 July Works Update - Burns Bay Road/Tambourine Bay Road

Construction of the traffic signal intersection upgrade on Burns Bay Road/Tambourine Bay Road was expected to be completed by the end of Autumn 2021 and has only recently been set back due to ongoing challenges with the utility services connection which need to take place.  

We’re pleased that this week the power supply was successfully connected allowing for Council to finalise its civil services. Line-marking is due to take place next week. Transport for NSW are responsible for activating the lights. The timeframe for this is not known however Council will be assisting with traffic control measures to help transition vehicles and pedestrians to the new signals.

Why are the works taking place? 

In 2016 Council initiated consultation on the Lane Cove Village Traffic Management Plan which included the proposal to signalise the Burns Bay Road/ Tambourine Bay Road/ Sutherland Street intersection to provide the following benefits:

  • Improved traffic flow as the signal will run by SCATS (an adaptive urban traffic management system that synchronises traffic signals to optimise traffic flow across a whole city, region or corridor. SCATS responds automatically to fluctuations in traffic flow through the use of vehicle detectors);
  • Improved pedestrian connectivity; and
  • Improved cyclist safety. 

It was noted in the post-consultation report in 2017 that the proposed traffic lights at Burns Bay Road/ Cox's Lane/ Tambourine Bay Road intersection will improve the traffic flow within the Village and as well as pedestrian safety. Council regularly receives complaints on near misses at this roundabout as pedestrians have to negotiate traffic in many directions. In addition to the local community, Council's Age-Friendly Advisory Committee has strongly supported the signalisation of this intersection due to the fact that there is no designated refuge island to cross Burns Bay Road and Cox's Lane at this intersection. Feedback from Council's Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan adopted in 2018 notes resident concerns that pedestrian safety needed to be improved at this intersection.

What will change when the lights are operational?

When the signals become operational there will be "No Right" turns for vehicles travelling:

  • North along Tambourine Bay Road from River Road into Burns Bay Road
  • West along Burns Bay Road from the Town Centre to Sutherland Street (Cox's Lane)

The traffic light design prioritises traffic movements into Sutherland Street (Cox's Lane) so as to minimise the volume of vehicles going through the Village Centre. This will make the top section of Burns Bay Road between Tambourine Bay Road and Rosenthal Avenue more pedestrian friendly. The reduction of traffic in this area will also reduce the current conflicts between cars and buses at the Post Office pedestrian crossing and support a more cycle-friendly environment. 

The southern approach from Tambourine Bay Road will only allow for a straight through and left turn. Allowing the right turn movement from Tambourine Bay Road into Burns Bay Road would reduce the safety for pedestrians crossing Burns Bay Road and hold up the predominant left and through movements at this intersection. By reducing the number of movements at traffic lights more green time can be allocated to other vehicular and pedestrian movements making the operation of the signals more efficient.​

Similarly to when Council introduced the traffic signals at Longueville Road/Birdwood Avenue, we will monitor performance once the signals are operational to determine if improvements are required.