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Tree-rific news

Do you know how many street trees are in the Lane Cove area? If you guessed around 11,500 trees, you’d be pretty spot on! But how do we know this?

Council’s Tree Team has been busy over the past few months creating an online inventory of street trees in the area, which will allow Council to monitor the health and general condition of trees in the area as well as map the distribution of tree species. This vital information will assist Council in its management of trees and help determine locations for future planting sites.

Members of the public are also invited to use this new tree inventory! You may like to browse tree locations and perhaps visit some of our significant trees that make Lane Cove the fantastic bushland area it is. You can also look up your favourite tree and find out its eco-benefits, such as air quality, carbon stored and stormwater runoff captured.

Council’s Urban Tree Inventory is now available to access online.

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