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Wild About Lane Cove

There are some fantastic nature spaces and bushwalks to explore as part of Council’s Wild About Lane Cove photo challenge coming up in April.

Take a photo of any - or all! - of the following from a natural space in the Lane Cove LGA, upload them and go in the draw to win great prizes!

How many of these natural wonders can you find?

• A bush track

• Sandstone cave or rocks

• A spider or spider web

• A native flower

• A native bird

• Dew or raindrops

• Bark from a tree

• A leaf that is not green

• Something that feels soft

• Something that feels hard

• Something which smells

• The waters edge

• An insect with wings

• An insect without wings

• Fungi or lichen

• Someone connecting with nature

• A close up of nature

• A natural landscape in Lane Cove 

Get outside and get wild about Lane Cove!

Terms and conditions and more details about how to enter will be available early 2020.