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Wildlife Survey

We need your help! Have you seen interesting wildlife in your backyard? Council is currently undertaking a comprehensive wildlife survey throughout the bushland areas of Lane Cove, the first of its kind in more than 20 years! The consultants working on the survey have employed many different methods to observe our local fauna, including bird surveys, spotlighting and the use of anabat recorders, hairtubes and camera traps to track down our most elusive creatures.

Several threatened species have been recorded during the survey, including five microbat species. Spotlighting surveys have so far discovered elusive Lane Cove residents such as Sugar Gliders, Leaf-tailed Geckoes, Bookbook Owls and tree frogs. Some of these threatened species may be present in your very own garden at night!

We’d love to hear about any interesting wildlife sightings in your backyard as these contribute to Council’s wildlife database. Simply email your wildlife sightings with photos to

We look forward to sharing the survey results with you in the next couple of months.

Sugar-glider - Bushcare Survey.jpg 

Photo credit: Pavel German