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Solar Mapping

​Council has been invited to partner with the Australian Photo Voltaic Institute (APVI)  to participate in the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program - Solar Mapping Project.

The APVI in partnership with the University of NSW and Solar Analytics has developed the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program. At its Council meeting of 17 July Council committed to  membership in this Program which will provide Council and the community with online data on solar mapping, helping to take the guess work out of investing in solar energy.

The Australian Photo Voltaic Institute (APVI) is responsible for the Australian Solar Mapping which hosts a user-friendly web platform that tracks the uptake of solar PV around Australia on households and buildings. The APVI are developing a SunSPoT (Solar Potential Tool) platform with councils around Australia to provide a free-to-use tool. The tool will allow Council and the local community to assess how they would benefit from solar on their roofs.

In the near future Council will be able to provide a web-based  tool to allow the community to zoom into rooftops and assess the potential solar energy that would be generated at a specific location. The system has an address search function, mapping and the ability for the user to enter demand and tariff data to determine a business case for PV, storage and community aggregation models under different tariffs and market arrangements – i.e. to work out what size system they should invest in, whether to invest in storage, what tariff suits them.

Lane Cove's involvement in this project provides a unique forecasting opportunity to residents and local businesses who want detailed information on the opportunities for solar energy in their home or business.

For further information about the program, contact Councils Sustainability Coordinator on 9911 3507,