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Free visitor registration App

It is now easier for locals to register their visit to local cafes and restaurants after Council joined forces with a Lane Cove West-based company ShiftLineup to produce an electronic COVID- 19 Customer and Visitor Registration System.

Residents are invited to download the app urhere, which makes it even more convenient to check-in to local venues in Lane Cove. With more than 45,000 check-ins already, we're pleased that so many locals have adopted this quick and easy method to registering their visits. Visit the App Store or Google Play to download the app; simply search 'urhere'.

75 local businesses, community/sporting groups and venues are already on board to use urhere which Council has made available free of charge. Participating organisations will display a unique QR code which you can scan to register your visit. Unlike many other registration systems this one verifies the phone number on first-time use by sending a confirmation code, similar to a banking transaction. There's also the option to remember visitor details on your device which means next time you visit a venue using this same system, it's a one-step process of scanning the QR code. Users can also rest assured that information is stored within Australia for 28  days as per the current government requirements and unlike some other apps, is not available for third party use.

We are keen to have as many businesses and organisations as possible using the same system to increase the convenience for customers and to help meet the requirements of NSW Health.

If you are a local business interested in getting free access to the electronic COVID-19 Customer and Visitor Registration System, please email Council is providing participating businesses with their unique QR code via A5 and A3 sized posters for display in the format that is most convenient to your business.

This electronic format also helps to remove customer concern regarding unattended paper contact lists which are non-compliant. Council is committed to protecting the personal information of users and will not disclose information collected to any person except the NSW Government when directed to in response to the COVID-19 emergency. All information is stored on servers located in Australia. Details will be stored for 28 days as required by the current NSW government regulations.


  • For anyone who doesn't have a phone you can input their details in as a guest in the electronic system using your unique website URL.
  • Food businesses should still keep the information contained in their existing visit recording system for 28 days after starting the new system
  • The electronic register will be updated with the latest advice from the NSW Government so if it asks for more details to be collected it will be reflected in the App
  • As per the latest regulations for food businesses, your COVID-Safe Marshall will be able to confirm that someone has registered by viewing the success screen which contains an easily visible green tick of approval.