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Council's Management Team​



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Left to right: Jane Gornall, Craig Wrightson, Craig Dalli, Martin Terescenko and Michael Mason.

Lane Cove Council's Executive Management Team are:-

The General Manager, Craig Wrightson who is responsible for the short and long term strategies of Council as well as the everyday operations of Council. Contact: (02) 9911 3540

Executive Manager - Corporate Services, Craig Dalli is responsible for administration, governance, finances, purchasing, human resources, information technology, risk management and occupational health & safety. Contact: (02) 9911 3550

Executive Manager - Environmental Services, Michael Mason is responsible for strategic land use planning, heritage, all development applications and construction certificates, environmental education and sustainability, waste and recycling services, fire safety and food safety. Contact: (02) 9911 3610

Executive Manager – Human Services, Jane Gornall is responsible for libraries, cultural development, community facilities and buildings, community development, events and child care. Contact: (02) 9911 3591

Executive Manager - Open Space and Urban Services - Martin Terescenko is responsible for traffic and transport, parks, bushcare, trees, landscaping, asset management and Council's depot. Contact: (02) 9911 3583


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