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How To Apply


Thank you for your interest in applying for a position with Lane Cove Council.

For all current employment opportunities with us, please visit the Current Vacancies page of our website.


The following 3 components are required when applying for a position at Lane Cove Council. The attachments should be either “Word” or “PDF” format.

1. Application Form

Please ensure you complete all the information required on Council's Application Form, which can be found on the Current Vacancies page of our website within the position information square.

2. Selection Criteria Responses

Your application must address the selection criteria for the position. You should address each of the essential and desirable criteria listed in the position description in a concise manner and ensure that you provide adequate information to demonstrate how you meet the criteria. We recommend listing the criteria and then providing a response directly underneath.

When providing your response to the selection criteria ensure that you provide a statement to demonstrate how you meet the criterion and also provide example/s of how your experience, skills, qualifications and knowledge enable you to meet the criteria.

Certain positions will have a Selection Criteria Response Form attached to the Application Form link. You can use Council's Selection Criteria Response Form to address the selection criteria or you may elect to draft you own document that addresses each criteria. For positions which do not have a the response form attached to the application form, it is the expectation of the applicant to create their own response form.

Please provide copies only of the qualifications you have mentioned in your application.  Council will require to sight, and in some cases, copy the originals of certificates or academic transcripts if applicants progress to the later stages of the recruitment process.

3. Resume

Your resume should include a summary of your employment history, detailing where you have worked, the positions held, period of employment and brief details about the duties performed.

Your resume should also include a summary of your education, training, qualifications and certificates relevant to the position.



You can submit your application electronically to Please ensure that you include the Position Name and Vacancy Number in the subject line.

Alternatively you may post you application to;

The General Manager

                         Lane Cove Council

                                     PO Box 20

                                     LANE COVE NSW 1595



Council engages a recruitment panel consisting of 2-4 people to undertake the recruitment process. The panel will generally include the positions' supervisor. It is the panel's responsibility to assess each applicant's submission to determine the successful candidate.

The most meritorious applicants will be contacted and invited to attend an interview and/or skills assessment, usually within four weeks of the advertised closing date. If you have not heard from us by this time, you may consider your application unsuccessful.

During the Interviews, applicants are asked a series of structured questions which focus on the requirements of the position. The interview questions usually require applicants to provide specific examples of how they can demonstrate particular criteria in the work setting and may include situational or scenario based questions.

Following interviews, the panel will conduct a series of checks on shortlisted candidates which may include may a pre-employment medical, police or working with children checks and verification of eligibility to work.

The preferred candidate will be verbally offered employment with Council. All applicants who are unsuccessful will be notified of the outcome once the appointment has been finalised. Council encourages applicants to seek feedback on their application and interviews.



If a position is identified to be 'child related employment' in accordance with the Child Protection (Working with Children) Regulation 2013, it is an offence for a prohibited person to apply for or occupy this position.

The aim of the above act is:

1) to not permit certain persons to engage in child-related work, and

2) to require persons engaged in child-related work to have working with children check clearances.

It is, therefore, your responsibility not to apply for any position in child-related employment, whether paid or unpaid, if you are a Prohibited Person under this Act.

For positions identified in the advertisement and the Position Description as child-related employment you must obtain a 'Paid Worker – Working with Children Check' clearance prior to commencing with Council. Further information on obtaining this check is available from


For further assistance please contact Council's Human Resource Section on (02) 9911 3643.