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​Addition to Authorised Collection List - This form is to be used if you wish to authorise someone who has not previously been approved by you to drop off or pick up your child from Kindy Cove. We need written permission from the Parent/Guardian to allow us to release your child into the care of someone else. Please complete all parts of the form, including the address and phone numbers for the Authorised person. Please advise the Authorised person to bring identification with them to Kindy Cove if they are unknown to the staff or if they collect your child infrequently.



Daily Medication Form - This form is to be used for administering of short term prescription medication (eg course of antibiotics for an ear infection). A new line is to be completed for each dose to be administered (eg one line for dose at 10am on 4 October and a second line for dose at 3pm on 4 October). The same form can be used for another course of antibiotics later in the year if there are still free lines available. Copies of this form already at Kindy Cove can be used for this purpose.


Authority to Apply Creams, Ointments & Gels - This form is to be used to authorise the application of creams, ointments and gels (such as nappy rash cream, eczema treatments and teething gel) to children.  Written permission is required from the parent/guardian outlining the product, purpose and applications instruction. It also asks parents/guardians to confirm there is no prior history of allergic reactions in relation to these products.