Information for bands

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Band applications opened on Friday 1 March and close on Sunday 31 March. 

Find out more about the application process, prizes and judging criteria below. 

Selecting bands to compete - eligibility and selection criteria

Who is eligible to compete?

Mandatory Criteria: 
  • All band members must be between 11 and 24 years of age. 
  • City of Ryde Council is also holding a Battle of the Bands competition. Whilst bands can apply for both competitions, they can only compete in one (either the Lane Cove competition or the Ryde competition). 
  • Bands cannot be signed to a record or publishing label. 
  • Bands must be available to perform on Saturday 13 April. Winners must also be available on Friday 19 April to perform at ColourFlix in St Leonards Park.
Desirable Criteria:
  • Have your own original music. Bands will be judged on originality. If you don't play any original music during the competition, you will automatically receive a 0 in this category. 
  • When selecting bands to compete, preference will be given to bands from the Northern Sydney Region. 

Please read the Youth Week Battle of the Bands Terms and Conditions for a full breakdown of competition requirements. 

How are bands selected? 

Selection Criteria: 

As a bare minimum, all bands must meet the mandatory eligibility criteria. Once this has been confirmed, bands will be chosen based on:

  • Achievement of desirable criteria. 
  • Musicality (clear notes and steady tempo start to finish).
  • Performance quality (overall band sound and proficiency on each instrument). 
  • As part of "performance quality", consideration will also be given to the stage presence of bands. As such, it is recommended that bands include a video of their band performing when submitting demo-links. Bands can choose to submit an audio demo-link in addition to a video as part of their application.
Who selects the bands? 

Bands will be selected by Lane Cove Council staff and Youth Week volunteers. Bands will be assessed based on one or more demo-links submitted as part of their application.



1st Prize: 

  • A full-day session in the Big Music recording studio with a sound technician. 
  • An interview on Northside Radio Station and the chance to play an original piece on air. 
  • A live performance at ColourFlix on Friday 19 April. 

2nd Prize: 

  • $500 music voucher. 

3rd Prize: 

  • $250 music voucher. 

How is the competition judged?

Who are the judges?

Our youth week Battle of the Bands will be judged by an independent panel including young people and industry professionals. These judges will not be privy to any information about the bands prior to the competition. They will be judging you based purely on your performance on the day.

What is the judging criteria? 

Bands will be awarded points based on 5 essential criteria: 

  • Musicality (clear notes and steady tempo start to finish)
  • Stage Presence/Personality (interaction with the audience, interaction with other band members, and use of the stage)
  • Original Material (quality of original songs)
  • Professionalism/Creativity (unique band sound, look, song arrangement or use of unique instruments, tones or effects)
  • Overall Quality of Performance (Overall band sound and proficiency on each instrument) 


Backline and equipment

What we provide: 

  • Backline set-up including leads, microphones, and fold-back speakers. 
  • A standard 5-piece drumkit with 3 cymbals. 
  • 2 guitar amps. 
  • 1 bass amp. 
  • Front of House speakers. 
  • A mixing deck run by qualified sound technicians. 

What you provide: 

  • Your own musical instruments (aside from drums). 
  • Drumsticks and any additions to the drumkit required for your performance. 
  • Your own amps if you don't want to use ours.