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Aboriginal Lane Cove


Lane Cove Council acknowledges the Traditional Owners of this land and strives to support our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander residents.

Latest News! Lane Cove's first Reconciliation Action Plan 

The Lane Cove Reconciliation Action Plan, adopted in May 2017, provides a framework of strategies and actions to help progress Council's vision for improving and creating social and economic opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

This will be achieved through Council's commitment to building strong relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, developing opportunities for Council Officers to improve their cultural education and cultural competency, engaging in reconciliation activities and by providing sustainable employment and training opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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Lane Cove Council is proud to support the RECOGNISE campaign

The RECOGNISE campaign was started by the Reconciliation Board of Australia as a "people's movement to RECOGNISE Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Australian Constitution and ensure there's no place in it for racial discrimination."  It seeks to raise awareness of the issues surrounding exclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders from the Australian Constitution and stamp out inherent racial discrimination. According to the RECOGNISE website over a quarter of a million Australian's have already declared their support to have Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people recognised within the Australian Constitution.

"We want to see fairness and respect at the heart of our Constitution, and to ensure racial discrimination has no place in it. Our goal is a more united nation. This is a chance for Australia to acknowledge the first chapter of our national story, and to forge our future together".

At its meeting of 20 July 2015, Council formally resolved to adopt the RECOGNISE network charter and partner with them in raising awareness of Indigenous issues, particularly recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in the Australian Constitution.

Council further resolved to hold a community panel event to incite discussion among the people of Lane Cove about these issues.

Further details of this panel discussion will be released shortly.

If you would like further information about the RECOGNISE campaign including how to join over 281,000 other Australians supporting this initiative please visit


What we already do

  • The Aboriginal Flag is flown at all times outside Council building
  • The Aboriginal Flag is flown in the Council Chambers
  • Acknowledgment of Country given at the beginning of events and Council meetings
  • Harmony Day - 21 March – a range of cultural activities are organised to encourage tolerance between all Australians regardless of their heritage or cultural background
  • Fallen Aboriginal soldiers remembered in the ANZAC Day Ceremony
  • National Reconciliation Week (    - 26 June – 3 July – is included in the Gai-mariagal Festival
  • NAIDOC Week, ( the first full week in July celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and culture – these events are included in Gai-mariagal Festival
  • Bush Regeneration Program – The program is an ongoing weekly activity run collaboratively with the Tribal Warrior where Aboriginal mentees work on Council's bush regeneration program with a view to training and employment
  • Ongoing commitment to provide funds to support the Aboriginal Heritage Office
  • Convene the Lane Cove Aboriginal Advisory Committee             


Woodford Bay reconciliation memorial ceremony 

Find out why the events that occured at Woodford Bay is significant to the history of Lane Cove.


Aboriginal Heritage in Lane Cove

To find out more about the Aboriginal Heritage of Lane Cove please follow this link


The Aboriginal Heritage Office

The Aboriginal Heritage Office is a joint initiative by Lane Cove, North Sydney, Manly, Warringah, Willoughby, Ku-ring-gai, Pittwater and City of Ryde councils, in a progressive move to protect Aboriginal Heritage in these areas.

The role of the Aboriginal Heritage Office is to:

  • monitor the Aboriginal Sites in these Council areas on a day to day basis and develop long term management reports to ensure their preservation and protection.
  • give the Aboriginal people and non-Aboriginal people involved with these Council areas an avenue of approach to discuss issues or concerns they may have.
  • communicate with school and other groups and teach children an ethos of understanding to appreciate the unique culture of the Aboriginal people.
  • in association with the local councils, conduct talks, walks and activities are conducted to enhance appreciation of Aboriginal culture in the wider community.

A selection of information leaflets on various Aboriginal Heritage topics are available to download from the Aboriginal Heritage website and include topics such as 'Aboriginal Site Awareness' and 'Bush Regeneration and Aboriginal Sites'


Lane Cove Aboriginal Advisory Committee

The first meeting of the Lane Cove Aboriginal Advisory Committee was held in August 2013.

The aim of the Committee is to: promote an increased knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal culture and society in the wider community and develop the interests of Aboriginal people in the community; foster positive relations between Council and the Aboriginal community; input into and advise Council on the development and implementation of Council's Community Strategic and other plans; foster and facilitate objectives in relation to education and employment and; to provide advice to Council regarding education, health, tourism, employment, culture and customs


Information and Privacy Commission NSW

The Information and Privacy Commission NSW have launched an Aboriginal flyer and Aboriginal webpage about the services the IPC offer.  The webpage  will be populated with more information, videos and learning tools as they are developed.


Northern Sydney Region Aboriginal Services Directory

This is a Directory of Aboriginal Services across northern Sydney and covers information such as accommodation services, aged, disability and children's services, education, training, employment, health and legal services.


Northern Sydney Aboriginal Advocacy

The Aboriginal Home and Community Care (HACC) Development Officer is based at Hornsby Council works across the Northern Sydney region for the coordination and development of Home and Community Care funded services in the Sydney region to improve access and equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are older or who have a disability. Contact: 9847 6061 mob 0478 492 517


Northern Sydney Aboriginal Community Project

The Northern Sydney Aboriginal Community Project is auspiced by Hornsby Council and provides support for Aboriginal families with young children aged zero to eight.


Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council

Lane Cove Council has signed a 'Principles of Cooperation' agreement with the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council which outlines a range of guidelines for government departments that provide services to the Aboriginal community.