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Access Maps


‚ÄčLane Cove Plaza is the heart of Lane Cove, which is renowned for its vibrant village atmosphere.  Lane Cove Council is committed to ensuring that the village is an inclusive environment which is accessible, so that everyone can enjoy its services, features and can participate in community life.

In conjuction with the Lane Cove Access Committee, Lane Cove ALIVE, and the Chamber of Commerce, Council prepared the Lane Cove Village Access and Services map to ensure the community and visitors have the best possible access to the village.

This map is updated quarterly and provides information that will assist you in pre-planning your trip to take the easiest path of travel.  It includes information such as:

  • accessible parking spaces;
  • public and accessible toilets;
  • locations of public seating;
  • baby change tables;
  • kerb ramps;
  • and local businesses.


A footpath map for the greater Lane Cove area has also been developed.  It outlines all footpaths as well as indicates where there are kerb ramps available.