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The following information regarding other service organisations may be useful to you.

Where there are links you can go directly to the websites. Phone numbers have been included for all services listed. Please note that by providing the information below Council is not endorsing one organisation over another.

The Aged Care Rights Service (TARS)

Contact: 9281 3600

Advocacy service for residents of aged care facilities including nursing homes, hostels, retirement villages, boarding houses and Community Aged Care Packages.

Alzheimer's Association of NSW

Supports people with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, their families and carers.
Contact: 9805 0100 or 1800 639 331

Arthritis Foundation of NSW

Contact: 9683 1622

Support and education for people with arthritis

Carers Information

1. Commonwealth Carelink Centres

Provides information to the disabled, carers and frail aged regarding services available in the community.

Phone: 1800 052 222

2. Carers NSW

Provides support, information and advice for relatives and friends who are caring for people with a disability, mental illness, chronic condition or who are frail aged. Carers NSW is the Peak Body for carers in NSW.


Provides financial information about benefits etc.

Phone: 13 1021

Deaf Society of NSW
Contact: 9893 8555.

Department of Veteran's Affairs (DVA)

The DVA provide a range of benefits for eligible veterans and their families , such as:
pensions - e.g. age, service, disability, war widows' and widowers' pensions as well as income support supplement and allowances.
Services cater for eligible current and past Australian Defence Force personnel. You can speak to the DVA about issues dealing with health care, counselling and referral services, home care, community support etc.
Phone: General enquiries number: 133 254

Guide Dog Association of NSW
Contact: 94129300

Intellectual Disability

Contact 9211 1611

NSW Council for Intellectual Disability offers information and referral service for people with an intellectual disability, their carers and families.

Lower North Shore Stroke Recovery Group

Contact: 9969 4985

The Motor Neurone Disease Association of New South Wales Inc

Telephone: +612 8877 0999
Free call: 1800 640 144 (NSW only)
Fax: +612 9816 2077

National Dementia Behaviour Advisory Service

Contact: 1300 366 448
24 hour/7 days a week telephone service to assist those who care for people with dementia.

Respite Information

The Northern Sydney Commonwealth Carer Respite Centre


Contact: 1800 059 059 or 9884 7599

Offers in home respite for carers - short term & emergency.

For those needing longer term assistance, please contact one of the HACC services providers


Self Help for the Hard of Hearing (SHHH)
Contact: 9144 7586 (voice and TTY)

Spinal Cord Injuries Australia
Spinal Cord Injuries Australia provides suitable accommodation for young people with severe spinal cord injuries. Our services now extend our services to all people with physical disabilities.
Contact: 02 9661 8855.

Technical Aid to the Disabled
Contact: 9808 2022
Provides custom designed aids for people with disabilities as well as modifying existing commercial items to suit individual needs. Offers a computer loans service to eligible clients.

Vision Australia

In 2004 Vision Australia was formed following the merger of the Royal Blind Society (RBS), the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind (RVIB) and Vision Australia Foundation (VAF).

Contact: 9334 3333