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Shop Lane Cove

Visit our bespoke Shop Lane Cove website to find our business directory. 

Buy the Lane Cove Gift Card

The Lane Cove Gift Card can be redeemed at shops, cafes, restaurants and other retail outlets in Lane Cove. 

Where can I purchase a Lane Cove Gift Card? 

online through Why Leave Town or in store at:

  • Iris & Lin
  • Spotted Orchid
  • Rain Bridalwear

Where can I spend a Lane Cove Gift Card?

Download a list of participating businesses or visit Shop Lane Cove to view participating businesses and what they offer.

Bulk orders

If you'd like to order a large amount of Lane Cove Gift Cards, please fill out the online form through Why Leave Town.

How do I check how much money I have left on my Gift Card? 

If you're a card holder and would like to check the balance of your Gift Card, please visit the Why Leave Town website and enter your card details.