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Love Where You Live


Welcome to Lane Cove!

Our Love Where You Live campaign celebrates the community spirit that leads to a safe, connected and vibrant community. Connecting with neighbours, enjoying outdoor events, celebrating local history, encouraging respect of public spaces and supporting our community all contributes to the 'village feel' that makes Lane Cove a great place to live, work and play.

Council will continue to promote activities and resources which celebrate Lane Cove and its people.

Nominate a Neighbour in 2021

Nominations are closed on Friday 19 March 2021 - we look forward to announcing the recipients at our annual Citizenship Awards presentation night on Wednesday 19 May.

Map Your Lane Cove

You are invited to be part of a special mapping project that celebrates our community and its unique stories.

Simply download your blank map of Lane Cove which has been created by Sydney artist Peita Blythe.

You can illustrate, write, paint or collage the map to tell your story – perhaps a map of your favourite places in Lane Cove, your daily commute, memorable moments, the best walks, historical facts, or perhaps a foodie’s guide to the area. Maps are a unique storytelling device and we want your stories of Lane Cove.

Anything and everything can be mapped so the possibilities are endless – if you need inspiration then you can join a free workshop with artist Peita Blythe who will show you different ways to bring your map to life.

Free Subjective Mapping Workshops

Join Sydney artist Peita Blythe for a special workshop focusing on how you can use subjective cartography to explore what Lane Cove means to you. The online workshop includes details on the history of cartography, examples of subjective mapping projects, artistic reflection and inspiration to help you bring your map to life.

Our final workshop will be held online:

Wednesday 21 April, 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Book your place online.


Share Your Map of Lane Cove

Submit your completed map online or in hard copy (you can be anonymous if you wish) by 30 April 2021.

Online: Email with Map Lane Cove in the subject line.

Hard Copy: Deliver to Council's Civic Centre, 48 Longueville Road, Lane Cove between 8:30am - 5:00pm, Mon-Fri.

You are encouraged to include contact details and any additional details you think are relevant to your piece however you're also welcome to remain anonymous.

Selected maps will feature in a curated exhibition that shares a collection of maps from across the community. If you do not want your map to be featured in a public exhibition please make this known when submitting your work.

Annual Citizenship Awards

Find out more about Council's 2020 Citizenship Awards (to be presented in 2021).

Lane Cove Remembers

Lane Cove Council organised a range of initiatives to commemorate the Centenary of the Armistice of World War One in 2018.

Audio Guide

Lane Cove Remembers 1.JPGDid you know the names of over 20 streets and places in the Lane Cove area have been named after people who have a connection to World War One? Find out the streets and their connection via a specially prepared audio guide. A red poppy has been fixed to street signs and locations featured in this new audio guide.

To access the guide you can download the free izi.TRAVEL app via the Apple, Google and Windows app stores or download from the izi.TRAVEL website. To find the guided walk, search ‘Lane Cove Remembers' once in the app to discover text, audio, images and GPS tracking to guide you along the walk.  

NewSignalBox.jpgNew Signal Box Artwork

A new artwork now adorns the signal box on the corner of Burns Bay Road and Centennial Avenue. Artist Matt McLarty has painted a striking piece that reflects the local community's connection to wars, conflict and peace operations.

These initiatives are funded under the Commonwealth Government's Armistice Centenary Grants Program.

Congratulations to all of the recipients, who each represented different ways that Lane Cove residents help their neighbours. From street parties, helping out with chores, being the reliable port of call, establishing contact lists, hosting a welcome gathering and connecting people to their new neighbours, everyone had played a role in their apartment block, street or community.

Nominations for next year's Awards will align with the 2019 Neighbour Day activities at the end of March.

Community Event Funding

At its meeting of March 2018 Council agreed to continue the Love Where You Live Event Sponsorship program which provides community group's with the chance to request funding for the events they run. Applications will be considered at each Council meeting - for further details please review the Application Form and Guidelines below:

Guidelines and Information for Applicants

Application Form - Love Where You Live Event Sponsorship Program

Discover Your Neighbourhood.jpgWelcome Packs!

Are you a new resident of Lane Cove? Or has someone just moved in and you’d like to make them feel welcome?

Welcome packs are now available to help take the guess work out of life in Lane Cove so whether you are new to the area or just looking for new information, this is a perfect way to get started.

The pack provides you with a moving in checklist, details on the latest Council activities, facilities and events, and tips on ways to get involved in the vibrant village community.

Simply register online and we will send a welcome pack with our Discover Your Neighbourhood booklet as well as latest activity brochures.

Alternatively, you can download a digital version, or pick up a copy from Lane Cove Library, Lane Cove Civic Centre or pop-up stalls in Lane Cove Plaza.

Council also has Welcome to Lane Cove booklets that can connect people from diverse backgrounds to local activities and services. Find out more...

A Guide to Street Parties in Lane Cove_Page_1.jpgGuide to Street Parties

Council's Guide to Street Parties aims to help locals looking to coordinate annual street party events with their neighbours. In addition to clearly explaining the steps required to gaining permission to host an event in a local street, there are a number of resources available to approved events. This includes free recycling and waste collection, shade tents and invitation templates.

Download the guide to find out more or contact Council's Manager - Communications & Events on 9911 3616.

If your event is taking place on a local road then it is important that you fill out the Street Party Road Closure Application Form.  

If you require additional support from Council such as insurance, waste collection, event invitations etc then you can also submit the following form:

DID YOU KNOW? In 2015 Lane Cove became the first Council in Australia to receive the status of 'Very Neighbourly Organisation'. A Very Neighbourly Organisation must demonstrate the following five principles which represent the founding principles of Neighbour Day:-

  1. Strengthen communities and build better relationships with the people who live around us;
  2. Create safer, healthier and more vibrant suburbs and towns;
  3. Promote tolerance, respect and understanding;
  4. Break down community barriers; and
  5. Protect the elderly, the vulnerable and the disadvantaged.

For more information on Neighbour Day and other Very Neighbourly Organisations, visit the National Neighbour Day website.

On the Streets Where You Live

How much do you know about your local street? What about the building you walk past or the park you play in? Council's On the Streets Where You Live extracts provide interesting local history about the people and events behind the names in our local community. Return to this website to find out more about the streets you live in.