Cameraygal Park

Sandstone plinth with interpretive sign

Cameraygal Park, on the corner of Longueville and Epping Roads, provides a fresh look to the entrance of the village with its Indigenous-inspired garden design.

Opened during National Reconciliation Week 2020, Aboriginal themes have inspired a variety of materials, shapes and native plants in the park such as the six varieties of bush tucker plants and 14 native plant varieties. Interpretive signs throughout the park showcase the history of Cameraygal Country, which the park and Lane Cove are located on. 

The large number of cyclists passing the park while riding to and from the CBD each day will benefit from the bike repair stand while members of the public will be able to enjoy a place to relax on the new seating.



69 Longueville Road, Lane Cove 2066  View Map

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