Hughes Park

Hughes Park open lawn area

Hughes Park was constructed on the site of a former bowling club in 2015 and consists of a playground for all ages, barbeque facilities, picnic tables, a community garden and outdoor fitness equipment. Parking and toilet facilities are also available. The park is named after former local Billy Hughes who 100 years ago became the Prime Minister of Australia. Billy was also the Member for North Sydney and still holds the record as the longest-serving MP with 58 years of service, 51 years at Federal level.

Community Garden

Council has worked in partnership with a local community group to create a community garden for everyone to enjoy.

Those interested in further information or in joining the group can email for updates on events and activities and to register their interest in the group.  You can also take a look at the Lane Cove Community Garden Facebook.


Braille Walk

The Braille walk at Hughes Park is available for everyone to use including those with vision-impairment and/or people in a wheelchair. It is a fun way to help raise awareness of Braille and its role in our society.  

This unique feature brings Orienteering and Braille together and uses Foundation font on each letter which is consistent with the font used in NSW schools.

There are a few ways to use the Braille plates:

  1. People can follow the Braille in 'A' to 'Z' order, plates are located next to the main path and they are at the height where they can be reached easily (eg. accessible).
  2. People can also set a word or a phrase on paper, then let other people find the letters using the Orienteering Map. To prove they have found the letters, participants can place paper on the Braille and imprint the dots by scratching the paper on top of the Braille. Each game can be different depending on the word or phrase they use - it can be as simple as 'cat' or as hard as 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'. People need to think and decide the sequence of the run in order to complete the game fast should that be the challenge. Download a sample game for your next visit to the Park.


Waterview Community Centre

Within Hughes Park is the Waterview Community Centre which is available for community hire.

Contact Council's Facilities Officer on 9911 3620 for more information.



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