Longueville Park - Deborah Hutchens Playground

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Longueville Park is a waterfront park which is accessed from Stuart Street, Longueville. This park is located adjacent to Aquatic Park.

This park is a painters paradise with fabulous water views to the city.  It is a gently sloping grassed area with large trees overlooking Lane Cove River.

Deborah Hutchens Playground

The playground was unveiled in May 2021 in honour of Lane Cove Councillor and former Mayor, Deborah Hutchens.

Former Mayor Deborah Hutchens  The opening of the Deborah Hutchens Playground

A Longueville resident for over 30 years and an active and passionate member of many local organisations, Deborah was an advocate for Lane Cove and dedicated much of her life to improving the local community. This included supporting The Canopy, initiating the Festival by the River program and improving safety at children's playgrounds by introducing the Hold my Hand initiative to Lane Cove, as well as her work in both Volunteer and representative boards within a number of council and community organisations.

Emu Engraving Site

This engraving is thought to be an Emu. It was made by drawing the outline of the animal and following this line by making small continuous holes into the rock surface with a hard sharp stone which would likely have been traded into the area.

Was this emu engraving a Totem, part of a continuous Song Line, part of ceremony or teaching coming generations how to hunt? The story of this engraving may be lost through the effects of colonisation so the truth may never be known.

All sites like these are protected by law. They are symbols heritage sites of the longest continuous living culture in the world, and remind us that we need to work together to protect our culture and heritage for future generations and all Australians.

Emu engraving

Text supplied by the Aboriginal Heritage Office.


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