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Public Wharves

There are four public wharves located at:

  • Mitchell Street, Greenwich
  • Bay Street, Greenwich
  • Northwood Road, Northwood
  • Stuart Street, Longueville

Boat Ramps

Council manages and maintains boat ramps at the following locations:

  • Manns Point off O'Connell Street, Greenwich
  • Burns Bay off Kooyong Road, Riverview

Watercraft Registration​ for a Dinghy, Canoe, Kayak and Stand up Paddleboard

Watercraft numbers are increasing across the Local Government Area and are sometimes stored on sensitive bushland areas or other inappropriate locations. Watercraft that is stored along any of Council's public foreshore areas MUST be registered with Counciby 31 March 2022.  (Originally the date was 31 December 2021, but due to Covid restrictions, this date has been amended to allow extra time for registrations). Any untagged watercraft found after this date may be impounded by Council.  Registration is free. 

Owners need to complete a Watercraft Tag Application Form and email to
A watercraft tag will then be issued and must be displayed on the watercraft.  
If you require further assistance please call Council’s Open Space and Urban Services team on 9911 3555.

Watercraft Lockers

Council operates Watercraft Lockers at Woodford Bay and Yacht Bay, which are available for annual hire by the public. Please note that due to their popularity, these lockers can only be waitlisted.

To apply to be on the waiting list to hire a locker -  Application form for Woodford Bay and /or Yacht Bay Watercraft Locker   

Woodford Bay in Kelly's Esplanade, Northwood 

Click for Diagrams and dimensions of Woodford Bay Watercraft Lockers

Yacht Bay off Aquatic Park, Longueville

Click for Diagrams and dimensions of Yacht Bay Watercraft Lockers

New lockers are currently being constructed at Yacht Bay, with completion scheduled by November 2021. The lockers are made from aluminium and are a revised design from the old lockers which were burnt down in September 2018.

Below photo of Woodford Bay Watercraft Lockers.  A photo of Yacht Bay Watercraft lockers to be added once completed.

Woodford Bay Lockers.jpg