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Special Events


The following parks/reserves are available to hire for special events, including weddings:-

There is a fee charged for the use of a park/reserve which is based on a sliding scale, depending on the number of people attending.  Refer to the Parks and Reserve Application form.  Further information can be found on Council's Management Directive for Hiring Parks and Reserves for Special Events.

Park hire for special events does not provide exclusive use of the park/reserve.  Council does not provide or hire out any additional facilities to what is available in the park/reserve.  Council does not carry out any special maintenance prior to the event, but endeavors to have the park/reserve maintained to an acceptable standard at all times.

There are additional charges for any equipment/structures that are brought into the park such as marquees and jumping castles.  A cash performance bond may be required if structures are to be brought into the park, to be forfeited in the event of any damage being done to the park as a result of the installation and removal of the structures.

If you need to organise waste bins, submit the Application for Waste Bin Hire form and return it to Council.  For any assistance regarding ordering of bins, contact Council's Waste Contract Coordinator on 9911 3629.


The above mentioned parks can be used for wedding ceremonies, depending on the number of guests, available parking and other factors.  

Carisbrook House Gardens is the only area available for wedding receptions. A separate fee is charged for events held at Carisbrook House.