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Community Consultations


Council is committed to delivering effective, efficient services that meet the expectations and needs of the community. Council recognises that equitable dialoague with our community to gain local knowledge, ideas and feedback from the community are essential to ensure Council’s decision-making improves community wellbeing and long term sustainability.

Listed below are consultations, workshops and community surveys where you can get involved in important projects that shape the future of Lane Cove:

Current Consultations​Closing Date​Previous Consultations​Date Closed
Draft Community Engagement Strategy
29 January 2023
Draft Voluntary Planning Agreement - 26-50 Park Road, 27-47 Berry Road and 48-54 River Road, St Leonards
23 January 2023
New Performing Arts Space
Workshop: 31 January 2023
Public Art Project
03 January 2023
Draft Bob Campbell Oval Masterplan
05 February 2023
Draft Urban Forest Strategy
19 December 2022
Jean Mitchell Lucretia Baths Woodford Bay
​28 February 2023
Melbourne Cup Screening
19 December 2022
Bus Service Disruption in Lane Cove
Annual Financial Statements - Year Ended 30 June 2022
16 December 2022

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The consultation process ensures you have an opportunity to voice your opinions and be considered in decision making. Read our Community Engagement Policy.

We carefully design each consultation and develop a ‘Statement of Intent’ which includes purpose, timeframes, resources, the level of consultation and expected outcomes. This helps define the extent of the community’s influence at the beginning so that expectations are clear.

A range of consultation methods ensure that any and all stakeholders are provided with a reasonable opportunity to participate. 

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