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Create Lane Cove: Council's Cultural Plan

Consultation is now closed. CLClogo_hiRes_Col_initiative.jpg

The first stage of this consultation ran from 20 March to 1 May 2015

The second stage of this consultation will run from 30 November 2015 to 1 February 2016.

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Corinne Dickinson – Manager Communications & Events
Ph: (02) 9911 3616


Council's award-winning Expressing Our Culture: A Cultural Action Plan for Lane Cove (2004) has played a significant role in Council's projects over the past decade. A number of achievements have come out of this plan including the new Lane Cove Library, Gallery Lane Cove, increased public art and support of a diverse range of community groups.

Since the inception of the Cultural Plan back in 2004, Lane Cove has moved to an integrated planning framework. This ensures that strategies across the organisation are included in the four year Operational Plan which is reviewed on an annual basis. Elements of the previous Cultural Plan were included within the Operational Plan and in recent years the successful achievement of a number of objectives has been reported.

In 2015 Council commenced the review and renewal of Lane Cove's Cultural Action Plan (2004). The aim was to produce an updated plan that provided for the arts, cultural and cultural diversity needs of the community over the next five years.


Council undertook community engagement to obtain input into a new Draft Cultural Plan which has helped identify the community's cultural priorities and ideas for the next 10 years.

Feedback received through consultation with cultural community groups as well as a public meeting and online survey has been incorporated into Create Lane Cove: Draft Cultural Plan which reflects the latest priorities and actions.

To find out more you can view Create Lane Cove: Draft Cultural Plan and background documents below.

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What's Next

A post consultation report was considered by Council at the Ordinary Council Meeting of 15 February 2016 where council resolved to adopt the revised Create Lane Cove: Draft Cultural Plan dated February 2016.