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Proposed DCP Amendment for Battle Axe Allotments

​Consultation is now closed

Ran from Wednesday 15 January 2014 to 5pm Tuesday 25 February 2014


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Ph: (02) 9911 3516


The Development Control Plan (DCP), which supports our Local Environmental Plan (LEP) by providing detailed development controls for developments within the Lane Cove Local Government Area (LGA), was introduced on 22 February 2010.


Council consulted with the community, in accordance with Clause 74C of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act, on a proposal to amend the DCP. These amendments only relate to planning controls for new Battle Axe block developments in the Lane Cove LGA, specifically:

  • Site Planning;
  • Access;
  • Storm water management; and
  • Subdivision.

The new controls will be incorporated into Part C – Residential Development of Council’s Development Control Plan.

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What Next?

A final post consultation report on the matter was considered at the Ordinary Council Meeting of 17 March 2014 where Council resolved to adopt the amended DCP for Battle Axe Blocks. The DCP came into force by newspaper advertisement on 11 April 2014.