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Draft DCP Boarding Houses

Consultation is now closed.

Ran from Friday 11 July
to Friday 22 August 2014


Council's Strategic Planner - Terry Tredrea
Ph: (02) 9911 3580



At its meeting of Monday 16 June 2014, it was resolved in part that Council:-


1. Advertise draft amendments to the Lane Cove Development Control Plan 2010 with regard to boarding houses, to require that:-

i. Social Impact Assessments be provided for boarding houses;  and

ii. the maximum kitchen area within a boarding house room is 2m2.

2.  Impose as a Standard Condition of Consent for all future Boarding House applications that advises that the strata or community title subdivision of boarding houses is prohibited.

It is proposed that the following new provision be included in Part C - Residential Development as C.5 Boarding Houses:-

“5.1 Specific Provisions for Boarding House Development

a) Council will require a Social Impact Assessment to be submitted with any development application for a boarding house.

b) Where a proposed boarding house development provides for a private kitchen in a boarding room, the maximum permissible floor area of that kitchen is 2m2.

c) Council will impose development conditions prohibiting future strata or community title subdivision of boarding houses.”



Council  is currently consulting with the community on this proposed amendment in accordance with Clause 74C of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979.

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What Next

A post consultation report was considered by Council at the Ordinary Council Meeting of 15 September 2014 where Council resolved to adopt the Development Control Plan Draft Amendment - Boarding Hosue Provisions for finalisation as exhibited.