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Fleming Street Private Road Naming

Consultation is now closed.

This consultation ran from 30 March to 11 May 2016.


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Currently, a row of five (5) houses between 147 and 155 River Road, Northwood do not have direct access off River Road due to the steep, rocky terrain along their frontage. As a result, their main access is via a private right-of-way from the south, which curves around from an entry point between 18 and 20 Fleming Street. No.155 uses both north and south access.

The current addressing is confusing for deliverers, visitors and emergency services to find the un-named accessway to these five houses, addressed as they are to River Road. Moreover, it does not comply with current NSW Addressing policies. The NSW Addressing User Manual, recommends naming a private roadway and numbering houses accessed via such a roadway be logical, accurate and consistent.


According to the GNB’s NSW Addressing User Manual, (consistent with Australian Standard AS/NZS 4819:2011) under Principles of Road naming:

"Names of early settlers, war servicemen and women and other persons who have contributed to the heritage of an area, local history themes, flora, fauna, ships etc. are usually most suitable for applying to roads."

(Section 6.7)

Consistent with this section the following names have been proposed:-

  • Sarah Nichols - first land holder for this area.
  • Nichols - after family of Isaac, the Colony’s first postmaster and later Superintendent of Convicts.
  • Marguerite Moloney - Well regarded local artist and ceramicist.
  • Robert (Bob) Woodward - One of Australia’s pre-eminent water sculptors and fountain designers.
  • William Pendray - Who had a 20 acre orchard there (original name for Northwood was Penry or Pendray Pt).
  • Jane Davy or Edmund Blackett - Northwood House was built in c1877/78 by Mrs Jane Davy, designed by Edmund Blackett.
  • Wade (or Wahid or Wadi) - In 1903 Northwood House purchased by Abdul Wade (possibly Wahid or Wadi), a famous Broken Hill cameleer.
  • William Pidgeon - Lived in Northwood Rd, a three (3) time Archibald Prize winner.

It is recommended that Nichols be the name of the road to commemorate Sarah Nichols’s early association with the location.

To find out more, you can view the draft policy, background report and Council resolution below.  These documents are also on public exhibition at the Civic Centre (48 Longueville Rd, Lane Cove), Lane Cove Library (Library Walk, Lane Cove) and Greenwich Library (48 Greenwich Road, Greenwich).

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What's Next

At the Ordinary Council Meeting of 20 June 2016, Council resolved that the private road off Fleming Street, Northwood be named Nichols Close.