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Little Lane Renaming

Consultation is now closed.

This consultation ran from 30 March to 11 May 2016.


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Little Lane and Little Street are two (2) roads in close proximity sharing almost the same name. The potential for confusion is evident and if proposed today would not be approved under the Geographical Names Board guidelines.

Little Lane runs from Little Street, opposite the entrance to the Lane Cove Aquatic and Leisure Centre, to Central Avenue.  Along its eastern boundary are the rear entrances to 7, 11 and 15 Little Street and the soon-to-be-completed 1 Little Lane at the northern end. This current development will result in an additional 58 apartments with a 'Little Lane' address.  Given the impending increase in resident numbers in this area it is proposed that the lane be renamed.


The area in the immediate vicinity of Little Lane has a long association with the potteries, which operated from the mid 1880s to the early 1920s. The ownership of the potteries was complex, and they went through name changes quite regularly with some of the owners owning both sites at the same time, or at different times.

Several historical names have been proposed.  Most of which are historical figures associated with the old pottery works including Holford Lane, Samper Lane, Lacey Lane, Leiper Lane, Wilkes Lane and Ikin Lane. 

It is considered that rather than focus on one person out of six, the name Pottery Lane be chosen to commemorate the endeavours of all historical figures in the area.

To find out more, you can view the background report and Council resolution below.  These documents are also on public exhibition at the Civic Centre (48 Longueville Rd, Lane Cove), Lane Cove Library (Library Walk, Lane Cove) and Greenwich Library (48 Greenwich Road, Greenwich).

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What's Next

At the Ordinary Council Meeting of 20 June 2016, Council resolved that Little Lane be renamed Pottery Lane.