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Marshall Ave Draft DCP Amendment

Consultation in now closed

Ran from Friday 28 June 2013 to 5pm Friday 9 August 2013


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From Friday 28 June 2013 to Friday 9 August 2013 Council consulted with the community on a draft amendment to the DCP that related to the portion of the St Leonards South known as the “Marshall Precinct” (which is the area bounded by the Pacific Highway, Marshall Avenue, the railway line and Berry Road).

The Amendment included:-

  • Specific objectives updated to guide future development of the Precinct; and
  • Development controls such as building envelopes (height combined with setbacks), separation between buildings, vehicular entries, landscaping and privacy.

The draft DCP amendments support a proposed Local Environmental Plan (LEP) amendment which is currently with the Department of Planning Infrastructure for endorsement. The LEP amendment seeks to modify the height and floor space ratio of the block between Marshall Avenue and Marshall Lane, reducing the height and FSR for the western two thirds while increasing height and FSR on the eastern third of the block to allow a tower building form near the railway.

Background Documents

What Next?

A further report on this proposed amendment was submitted for consideration at the Ordinary Council Meeting of Monday 16 September 2013 where Council resolved to adopt the amended Development Control Plan for the Marshall Precinct.

The Development Control Plan will come into force by newspaper advertisement as soon as practical after the Planning Proposal for the Marshall Avenue Block is notified (gazetted) by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure.