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Northwood Centre Proposed LEP Amendment

Consultation in now closed

Ran from Friday 28 June 2013 to 5pm Friday 9 August 2013


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The Local Environmental Plan (LEP) which provides the legislative context for development controls within the Lane Cove Local Government Area was introduced on 19 February 2009. Council recently consulted with the community, in accordance with Clause 57 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act, on a proposal to amend the LEP.

A Planning Proposal was submitted to Council by RPS Australia East Pty Ltd on behalf of EG Property Group for the redevelopment of the Northwood Centre (4 - 18 Northwood Road & 274 & 274A Longueville Road). The legal description of the site includes:-

  • Lots 1 & 2 in DP 857133;

  • Lot 1 in DP 663462;

  • Lot 4 in DP 321048;

  • Lots A, B, C, D & G in DP 307899;

  • Lots 1 & 2 in DP 445348; and

  • Lots A, B & D in DP 370042.

The Planning Proposal sought to:-

  • Rezone 274 & 274A Longueville Road to B1 Neighbourhood Centre;

  • Permit an FSR of 2.25:1 with a maximum height of 18 metres across the site; and

  • Permit individual shops of a maximum of 1,000m2.

The proposal envisaged a revitalized Northwood Centre with increased building height to 5-6 storeys along Northwood Road, a mix of retail at ground floor level and shop top housing for approximately 100 apartments and 175 parking spaces, with through-site connections to the adjoining bushland.

Design Concepts

There was no DA on exhibition, however design concepts were displayed at various scales. It was emphasised that these were indicative only and that a future DA could vary from these designs:-

  • The EGP design concept accompanying the LEP proposal has height of 18 metres (5-6 storeys) and FSR of 2.25:1. This is the scale permitted by Council and the Department Gateway to be exhibited. This would allow for approximately 100 apartments and 175 parking spaces.

  • Council's lower-scale design concept has a height of 12 metres (3-4 storeys) and FSR of 1.25:1.Council's independent economic consultant has advised that this is not economically viable.

  • Council's mid-scale design concept has height of 15 metres (4-5 storeys) and FSR of 1.75:1.

As part of the consultation process, Council exhibited a Community Display at the Longueville Sporting Club on the 19 & 20 July. The materials displayed can be viewed below:-

Background Documents:-

What Next?

A further report on this proposed amendment was submitted for consideration at the Ordinary Council Meeting of Monday 16 September 2013 where Council resolved not to proceed with Planning Proposal 14 for 4 – 18 Northwood Road, 274 and 274A Longueville Road.