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Northwood Shops DCP

Consultation is now closed.

The final Development Control Plan for the Northwood Shops (Pathways site) was adopted by Council at the 16 November 2020 meeting and took effect from 20 November 2020. The document has been included in Part D – Commercial Development and Mixed Use Localities of Council’s existing DCP. Find out more.

Consultation ran from Thursday 27 August 2020 to Thursday 15 October 2020.


Terry Tredrea, Strategic Planner 

Ph: 9911 3580



Council is consulting with the community on an amendment to the Lane Cove Development Control Plan to design the residential care facility at 4-18 Northwood Road and 274 and 274A Longueville Road, Lane Cove, and forming part of the Northwood Neighbourhood Centre.

On 20 May 2020, the land was rezoned by the State Government from B1 Neighbourhood Shops to B4 Mixed Use to permit a residential care facility (nursing home accommodation) with retail/medical on the ground floor level. The height and floor space ratio were revised down to 3 storeys above street level and 1.85:1 (inclusive of 0.35:1 to be provided for commercial floor space).

On 17 August 2020, Council resolved to exhibit a Draft Development Control Plan (DCP) for the site to ensure that any future development application submitted reflects many of the concerns of residents and government agencies raised during previous consultations.


This proposed amendment will be inserted under 'Locality 2' in Part D: Commercial Development and Mixed Use Localities of Council's DCP. 

For further information please view the Background Documents below.  

Please note - Council has received a Development Application for 4 Northwood Road. This is being concurrently assessed as a result of the NSW Government’s Planning System Acceleration Program. To view the DA, please visit the Currently Advertised DA webpage and refer to DA113/2020. Separate submissions should be made in relation to the DA, the below consultation relates the Development Control Plan. 

Background Documents                                         


Public exhibition in March-April 2018 of the planning proposal for a residential care facility attracted widespread interest from local residents plus comments from the Office of Environment & Heritage and the RMS. Community and Council comments, together with assessment by the Dept of Planning, Industry & Environment has resulted in a modification of the original (2017) Planning Proposal 29.

In detail, the DCP amendment here on exhibition reflects the following further adjustments:

  • Reduce the max. building height to RL 66.25 metres (from 70.25);
  • Reduce max. number of storeys along Northwood Road to 3 storeys (from 4);
  • Reduce max. street wall height along Northwood Road to 2 storeys (from 3);
  • Reduce max. number of storeys at the rear of the site to 5 storeys (from 6);
  • Reinstate rear setback of 10 metres. (as per Part H of Council's DCP);
  • Replace on-site where possible all indigenous trees removed by development;
  • Replace site entry mid-block off Northwood Road with egress further south with a limit of one entry/egress at the southern end of the site;
  • Add through-site links and view corridors of width 4.5m, but a preference for 6m width;
  • Add to inactive edges and blank walls the provision of screening, public art or `green' walls;
  • Require adequate soil depth along the side and rear boundaries to permit tree planting;
  • Consideration of other measures such as drainage protection of the downslope soil and landscape in the adjacent reserve. Also, sustainability measures such as solar panels and natural ventilation;
  • Provide new street trees and permeable paving to the existing Northwood Road verge and within the 3m setback to the proposal, and require that street front awnings do not compromise street trees;
  • Increase the area of the roof garden.

Traffic matters are generally more appropriately addressed by the applicant at either the DA stage or have become broader than this site (e.g. the roundabout at

Northwood/River Roads intersection).



Council is committed to protecting your personal information and will manage your submission in accordance with our privacy policy.  Any submission received may be made available to the public in accordance with the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 subject to public interest considerations and the removal of personal contact information, personal financial or commercial information and health and medical information.