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Draft Voluntary Planning Agreement 1-13A Marshall Ave, St Leonards

Consultation is now closed

Ran from Wednesday 17 September to Wednesday 15 October 2014 (5pm)


Council's General Manager
Ph: (02) 9911 3541


Council has received a proposal from Loftex Pty Ltd for 1–13A Marshall Avenue, St Leonards. The proposal is for a monetary contribution of $8.36M which will be used for the construction of the proposed St Leonards Rail Plaza and Bus Interchange in return for increased height controls at 1–13A Marshall Avenue, St Leonards.

At its meeting of Monday 21 July 2014, it was resolved in part that Council give notice of its intention to enter into a Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) as outlined in the report with the developer of the subject site and consult the community regarding the proposal.  Following the community consultation period, a further report will be submitted to Council for determination. The Development Application No, 142/2014 proposes a tower at the eastern end of the land with a height of 94 metres. The height control for this part of the site under Lane Cove Local Environmental Plan 2009 is 65 metres. The additional height equates to approximately 9 additional floors.


Loftex Pty Ltd has made an offer to Council to enter into a Voluntary Planning Agreement, in connection with a Development Application relating to the subject land.

The Planning Agreement provides for a monetary contribution of $1300 per square metre of Gross Floor Area over the existing height control, which amounts to approximately $8.36M. Council engaged Hill PDA to undertake a valuation to determine the contribution rate.

The monetary contribution will be used for the construction of the St Leonards Plaza and Bus/Rail Interchange.  In the event that the St Leonards Rail Plaza and Bus/Rail Interchange does not proceed, the funds may be utilised for the provision of public infrastructure generally within the St Leonards area of the Lane Cove Local Government Area unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

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What Next? 

A report addressing issues raised throughout the consultation period was considered at the Ordinary Council Meeting of 17 November 2014 where Council resolved in part to proceed with the Voluntary Planning Agreement in respect of the Development at 1-13A Marshall Avenue, St Leonards.  To find out more you can view Council's resolution in relation to this item.