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Shortlisted Names

Consultation Dates

This consultation ran from 31 August – 25 September 2018

The Shortlisted Six – Have Your Say on Proposed Names for Rosenthal Project

In 2020 Lane Cove will be home to a vibrant new public domain in the heart of the village. We have been using the temporary name Rosenthal Project during the construction phase however it is now time to select the new, permanent name for the completed project.

Earlier this year Council adopted the Place Values of the new space – a place that nurtures, is engaging and is productive. In May Council asked the community to suggest names that reflect these values and as a result over 250 names were suggested. These suggestions were further refined when evaluated against the brand values and the result was a dynamic mix of names that reflected the sense of place for this new public domain.

Council is now placing the shortlist of six names on public consultation to gauge community's preferences. This information will then be used to help determine the final name for the completed project.

The proposed names include:

Gamarada Grounds

Gamarada means 'Friendship' in the Sydney Aboriginal language. When paired together with Grounds it becomes the 'Friendship Grounds'

Lane Cove Commons

A timeless name that reflects the common place that will be shared amongst the community

Nanganura Common

Nanga Nura means 'Resting Place' in the Sydney Aboriginal language. This provides a sense of coming together to rest and relax in the space

Sky Gallery: Lane Cove

A gallery can describe an audience, an artspace, a group of people, a balcony or place to observe. The name Sky Gallery alludes to an outdoor space that can be both relaxing and engaging

The Canopy: Lane Cove

Lane Cove is synonymous with local bushland and this gives the sense of being above the underground car park and Rosenthal Avenue

Whiteley Muse

Reflective of one of Australia's most famous painters who grew up in Lane Cove, this name plays homage to the strength of local art while implying that the space can continue to inspire the community

Please note that in 2015 Council resolved to a new park on the corner of Longueville and Epping Roads 'Cameraygal Park'. The park, adjacent to 71 Longueville Road, is in close proximity to the gateway bridge that refers to Cameraygal Country. For this reason it is not being suggested as a name for the completed project.

Have Your Say

Council sought the community's feedback on their preferences for these six names via an online survey which ran until 25 September 2018.

Background Information

August 2018 Council Report

View the Brand Values of the Rosenthal Project

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