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Pet Registration


Why Register Your Dog or Cat?

Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world. For the vast majority of us our dogs and cats are our friends and companions. They are much loved members of our families. However, there are a small number of people who do not care for their animals responsibly. These animals often become a problem for the community.
The new Companion Animals Act, which first came into effect in September 1998 is designed to benefit pets, their owners and the wider community.

The permanent identification and lifetime registration system which came into effect on 1 July 1999 greatly assists authorities in returning lost and injured animals to their owners, because there is now a central database of pet ownership. It provides NSW councils with a more effective means of keeping track of dogs and cats for the benefit of the wider community.

How to Register Your Pet

1. Have your animal microchipped

Microchipping should be done by 12 weeks of age or when the animal is purchased or ownership transferred. Microchipping is a safe and almost painless procedure best performed by a vet.

Your Vet will provide you with a Lifetime Registration Application Form and enter the Microchip No. and other details in Part B (Animal Details) of the form. Remember Microchipping alone does not register your animal.

2. Complete the Lifetime Registration Application Form

The R2 - Lifetime Registration Form is available from the NSW Government - Division of Local Government Companion Animals Webpage or at Council's Customer Service Counter.

3. Submit your application for Registration to Council

The following information is required:

  • Lifetime Registration Application form
  • Proof of sterilisation (e.g. desexing certificate)
  • Microchip details
  • Pensioner details or membership to a recognised breeders organisation (if applying for a discount)
  • Relevant registration fees

The Companion Animal Legislation encourages responsible pet ownership of which desexing your animal is an important component.

Registration applications can be made in person at Lane Cove Council's Civic Centre or submitted via post to Lane Cove Council, PO BOX 20, Lane Cove NSW 1595.

4. Receive your Certificate of Lifetime Registration

After you have paid your registration fee, Council will update the companion Animal Register and forward a Certificate of Lifetime Registration to you. 

5. Maintain your details in the Companion Animal Register

If you move, or sell the animal be sure to notify your local Council of the details so the register can be updated.  Forms for Change of Address (C3C) and Change of Ownership (C3A or C3B) are available from the NSW Government - Office of Local Government, Dogs & Cats Webpage.