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Possum Control

In the wild possums naturally live in tree hollows. As development encroaches upon these native bushland habitats these animals sometimes seek safe shelter in roofs and hollows within buildings.  Council does NOT provide possum removal services.

Possums are protected by law in NSW and therefore a permit must be obtained from National  Parks and Wildlife Services before any attempt is made to remove the possum. National Parks and Wildlife Services can be contacted on (02) 9472 8949. There is no fee for the Permit.

Possums are highly territorial creatures as such it can be very dangerous for both the animal and those coming into contact with it when attempting to remove a possum.  It is recommended you seek professional advice if encountering possum problems. Two possum control organisations servicing the local area include Possum Busters and Possum Patrol.

Tips for Deterring Possums

  • Trim any overhanging branches to remove access to the roof (Council approval may be required)
  • Stuff any suspected access points with crumpled newspaper during the day, when the possum  leaves at night they will be pushed out, thus indicating where the possum is getting in
  • Undertake any repairs required between 8pm and 10pm as this is when the possum will be feeding and out of the roof
  • Place a light in the roof for a few days and nights. This will deter the possum as they like the dark to sleep
  • It may be a good idea to place a strong smelling substance such as disinfectant or some camphor blocks near the access point or in the roof to destroy the possums scent and encourage it to go elsewhere