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Below are commonly requested documents, if the document or form you are after is not in the list try the Council Document Finder.

Corporate Documents

Bullet Point

Community Strategic Plan - Liveable Lane Cove 2035
Bullet Point
Delivery Program and Operational Plan 2022-23 and Budget 2022-23
Bullet PointFees and Charges 2022-23
Bullet Point Council Policies  ​                  
Bullet Point Resourcing Strategy (2018-2028)
Bullet Point Asset Management Strategy (Infrastructure)
Bullet Point Asset Management Strategy (Facilities)
Bullet Point ​Long Term Financial Plan
Bullet Point

Workforce Management Plan

Bullet Point Annual Report (2021-22)


Bullet Point

State of the Environment Report

Bullet Point Code of Conduct
Bullet Point Code of Meeting Practice
Bullet PointPrivacy Management Plan

Bullet Point

Credit Card Payment Authorisation Form
Bullet PointCode of Conduct Procedures for the Administration of the Model Code of Conduct  

Bullet PointComplaints Handling Management Directive


Development Documents

Bullet Point Approvals Process Forms
Bullet Point LEP and DCPs
Bullet Point s94 Contributions Plan
Open Space and Urban Services Documents
Bullet PointApplication for Installation of Driveway Lines
Bullet Point Application for Fil​ming Permit
Bullet Point Application for Placement of Banners
Bullet Point

Application for Standing Plant Permit

Bullet Point
Bullet Point

Application for Road Opening Permit

Application for Temporary Road Closure

Bullet Point Application for Construction of Vehicular Crossing
Bullet Point Application to Prune or Remove a Tree                  
Bullet Point Application for a Work Zone Permit
Bullet Point Application for a Hoarding
Bullet Point Application for lacement of a Skip Bin on public land
Bullet Point

Application for Section 149, 735A and 603 Certificates

Bullet Point Nature Strip Mowing Service Application Form