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Australian Citizenship


COVID-19 Update

Our in-person ceremonies are currently on hold due to the COVID-19 lockdown however we have recently started conducting online ceremonies. Conferees will be given the opportunity to either attend an online ceremony or wait for an in-person ceremony.

We will be hosting virtual Citizenship Ceremonies weekly from 1 October through to 26 November. Each week Council will contact conferees that are on the list received from the Department of Home Affairs.

As online ceremonies are much smaller it will take time to work through our waiting list and this will be completed in order of when you were approved. Please be patient as we action the conferee information provided to us by the Department of Home Affairs. If you have compassionate or compelling grounds for a ceremony, please contact the Department of Home Affairs directly.

Invitations will be sent by email, so be sure your email and other contact details are up to date in your Immi account. If you have yet to receive an email and want to check that you are on a future list that will be provided to Lane Cove Council then please contact the Department of Home Affairs directly. We only send out emails based on the most recent list from the Department of Home Affairs. While Council hosts the Citizenship Ceremony we do not arrange approvals or eligibility for upcoming ceremonies, this is arranged by the Department of Home Affairs.

Application for Australian Citizenship must be made through the Department of Home Affairs. Application forms are available from the Department of Home Affairs' Website or you can call the Department on 131 880.

After an Applicant has been accepted for Australian Citizenship, he/she will be advised by the Department of Home Affairs when they have been allocated a date for attendance at a formal Citizenship Ceremony.

Lane Cove's Citizenship Ceremonies are usually held on a regular basis approximately every 6-8 weeks, for up to 60 applicants. The Mayor officiates at the Ceremony and administers the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Applicant swears the Pledge of Allegiance to Australia before the Mayor, he/she is presented with an Australian Citizenship Certificate and is granted all the rights, privileges and obligations of those who were born in Australia. Council looks forward to providing in-person ceremonies again when it is deemed safe to do so.