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Special Parking Rate


Lane Cove Council has levied a special rate “for the purpose of providing, improving and maintaining off street vehicle parking accommodation…”

The levy started  in 1979 when Council at a meeting on 25 June 1979 resolved to implement the special rate, following notice in the North Shore Times on 13 June 1979.

Properties within the Village Commercial Precinct, have an additional separate rate levied on the property for parking. In practise there is a large range in the amount each property pays because the value of properties varies, particularly when comparing a small suite in a strata block vs a large property which is not strata title. Contributions range from less than $100 to over $5000.

Council has prepared Facts about the Lane Cove Parking Rate which provides more details on how the levy works. In addition the full Financial History of the Lane Cove Parking Rate, both revenue collected and what it has been expended upon is also available