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General Information



Roads & Footpaths

Council maintains approximately 110km of roadway and in excess of 150km of public pathways within the Local Government Area.  All local roads are managed and maintained by Council with the exception of declared Main Roads, which are the direct responsibility of the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).  These sections of roadway include Epping Road, Centennial Avenue south of Epping Road, Pacific Highway and Burns Bay Road south of Centennial Avenue.

Off Street Public Car Parking Areas

Council manages and maintains off street public car parking areas in St Leonards, Lane Cove Village, and Lane Cove West (Beatrice Street). Find out more about parking in Lane Cove.


Council maintains 93km of pipelines and associated infrastructure. Our team aims to reduce the run-off of rainwater from public sites such as roads, footpaths and parks. You can request maintenance or report damage to any of Council's infrastructure by lodging a Service Request or contacting Council on (02) 9911 3555. Before lodging a request, use the image references below to ensure that the stormwater drain/pit is part of Council's infrastructure.

Council Stormwater Kerb Inlet with Grate               Council Stormwater Kerb Inlet with Pit behind kerb 

A picture containing grass, outdoor, ground, sidewalk    Description automatically generatedA picture containing outdoor, road, grass, blacktop    Description automatically generated

If the pit looks different to those above, it may be a Sydney Water hydrant and valve or a Telecommunications manhole. 

Sydney Hydrant and Stop Valve Cover – Located on Road and Nature Strips 

If you have spotted a leak in a public space, please contact Sydney Water on 132 090 or lodge a request online with Sydney Water.

SYDNEY WATER Hydrant and Stop Valve Cover – Located on Nature strip.jpg SYDNEY WATER Hydrant and Stop Valve Cover – Located on Road.jpg

Telecommunications (eg Telstra) Service Manhole 

If you notice damage to these manhole covers, contact the responsible Telecommunications provider as shown on the service manhole lid. 

TELECOMMUNICATIONS (eg Telstra) Service Manhole a.jpgTELECOMMUNICATIONS (eg Telstra) Service Manhole b.jpg

Stormwater Drainage on Private Property 

It is the owner's responsibility to maintain any private stormwater drains and pipes that are located on private property. The property owner must also maintain any pipes located on Council land that form part of the property drainage system. Owners may be able to check existing stormwater plans in the properties DA files, but for older buildings these plans may not exist.

Contact Council on (02) 9911 3555 to request physical copies of DA plans, or alternatively, view these plans online on the Council's website at DA Search and Enquiry

DA Stormwater Enquiries 

You can lodge a Service Request or contact Council on (02) 9911 3555. 


Banners are temporary advertising signs for non-profit purposes displayed for a limited period over a public road. Use the following links to access the locations for placing banners, application form for placement of banners and Code for Banners over Roadways.  Banner specifications for Plaza - Longueville Road: 1m x 3m in size, with eyelets on the sides and printed double sided.


All Council forms and applications related to roads and footpaths can be accessed below:-

Application for Placement of Banners

Construction of a Driveway Vehicular Crossing Application Form

Hoarding Application Form

Permit to Stand Plant

Road Opening Permit Application Form

Skip Bin Application Form

Temporary Road Closure Form

Work Zone Application Form

Stormwater Inspection Application Form - Stormwater Connection

Damage Deposit Form - Complying Development Certificate

Credit Card Payment Authorisation Form

Damage / Maintenance

You can request maintenance or report damage on to any of Council's infrastructure by lodging a Service Request or contacting Council on (02) 9911 3555.