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Local Parking Areas


Discover more about parking in Lane Cove, including early bird parking, how to check and pay online and what to do and who to contact if you've been issued a fine.

Ticketless Parking

Lane Cove Village

Council operates three ticketless car parks within Lane Cove Village, providing more than 1,000 parking spaces for cars and motorcycles.

Each of these car parks provides up to 3 hours' free parking with 1 hour express parking on P1 of The Canopy. Parking is free for entry after 6:00pm. Time will accumulate if you re-enter the same car park within an hour of leaving however the car parks are not linked so you can move between different car parks.

The map below provides details on a range of parking options in Lane Cove village.

St Leonards

Council operates the St Leonards ticketless car park, providing more than 300 parking spaces for cars and motorcycles.

This car park provides up to 2 hours' free parking. Parking is free for entry after 6:00pm. Time will accumulate if you re-enter the same car park within an hour of leaving.

Early Bird Parking

Early Bird Parking is available on P4 at The Canopy for visitors who enter before 9:30am and exit after 4:00pm at a cost of $7.50.

Check and Pay Online

Did you know you have three days to check whether you need to pay at Market Square or The Canopy car parks?

If you have exited without paying and aren’t sure if you have overstayed, you can visit to check.

Simply enter your licence plate details and any outstanding fees for the past three days will be displayed. You can then pay online and avoid receiving a fine.

Parking rates

Little Street, Market Square and The Canopy Car Parks:

  • 1st hour after free period $7.00

  • 2nd hour after free period $17.00

  • 3rd hour after free period $24.00

  • +4 hours after free period $45.00

Entry after 6:00pm is free.

The Canopy Early Bird parking (enter before 9:30am and exit after 4:00pm) is $7.50.

St Leonards

  • 1st hour after free period $16.50

  • 2nd hour after free period $22.00

  • 3rd hour after free period $27.50

  • +4 hours after free period $45.00

Entry after 6:00pm is free.

Seniors and Mobility Parking Scheme

Council runs a Seniors Parking Permit Scheme. To be eligible for a free two year Seniors Parking Permit, recipients must be a Lane Cove resident; over 67 years of age; and hold a current drivers licence. Seniors Parking Permits must be displayed when parking in designated Seniors spaces within Council car parks. Apply for a Seniors Parking Permit.

Mobility Parking permits are administered by Service NSW. For details of locations of Mobility Parking in Lane Cove village, please refer to the map below. Find out more and apply for a Mobility Parking permit.

Electric Vehicles

Council provides access to 19 free electric vehicle charging stations in Lane Cove:

  • Six at The Canopy (P3)

  • Four in Little Street (P4)

  • Five at Market Square Car Park (P2)

  • Four at St Leonards Car Park (B2)

Two on demand "fast" EV charging points are located on P2 of The Canopy and two are located on B2 of St Leonards, which require customers to download the Evie App before use. These paid fast chargers are 10 times faster than Council's other free units, providing greater convenience.

You can receive free charging and only pay (for parking) for a stay exceeding 3 hours at the Little Street and Market Square car parks and on P3 of The Canopy.

You can receive free charging and only pay (for parking) for a stay exceeding 2 hours at the St Leonards car park.

Business Parking Permits

Do you work locally? Are you looking for an affordable parking option, seven days a week?

Council’s business parking permit scheme provides use of P4 at The Canopy car park, and Market Square and Little Street car parks for a rate of $1,800 per annum. Spaces are limited.

Find out more and apply for your business parking permit online.

Lane Cove Shopping Precinct: Parking Map

Village Parking map.jpg 

Please click on the image to enlarge the map. 

Please note a portion of spaces in the Civic Centre Car Park (48 Longueville Road) is a restricted parking zone (no parking between 6:00am - 6:00pm, Monday to Friday). All spaces in the car park are available outside of these times.

Who to contact if you’ve been issued a parking fine

If you believe you've been issued an infringement notice by mistake or you'd like to contest a fine, contact Revenue NSW. Revenue NSW process fines and fees for local councils, NSW Police Force and other authorities.

What if someone else was responsible for the offence?

If you've received a fine but weren't responsible for the offence, you can transfer the fine to the person who was responsible.

You can also nominate the responsible person online using myPenalty

Difficulty with paying your fine?

If you can't afford to pay in full by the due date, you can set up a payment plan. Contact Revenue NSW 

Loading Zones

Station wagons and 3 wheeled motor bikes are no longer allowed to park in loading zones. In 2021 the NSW Government road rules were changed and all references to these vehicles has been repealed from Road Rules 2014 Section 179 Stop in loading zone.

Find out more about who can access a loading zone.